Kayle was a regular girl who lived in North Carolina. The only thing she cared about is her studies. Her dad soon got engaged to a rich, British lady. Since she was getting transferred, it all means: new school, new home, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new life. As she began her journey at school, she encountered a boy who she soon fallen in love with and showed what life was all about but another guy also captured her heart. Now it's up to her to decide who she really wants to be with


27. Soul mate


  His large hands were out in front of my face. My hand slowly rises up, having second thoughts whether I should take it or not. I stared at it for a couple of seconds and finally took it. He holds my hand firmly, not wanting to let it go. My stomach started feeling these butterflies in my stomach, kicking and now there's the sweaty palm. Am I falling for Niall? "Okay, first things first. Food. We need to find food." I giggled by his statement. He stared at me in confusion but there was a smile crept onto his face. 


  After eating many courses of Italian food, we walked around talking about our stupid life. "So Niall, had you ever dated anybody or fell in love with any girl?" He looks down, smiling at the ground. A rosy color appeared on his cheeks. "Uhm... I never dated a girl but I'm crazily in love with this one girl..." I was shock by his statement. I want to know who this girl is. "Oooh, who's the lucky girl that's being crushed on Nialler?" I gave him a smirky smile, winking at him. "I'm not going to say her name but I'll describe her. Her long, brown, silky hair is the softest thing you'll ever feel. Those gorgeous eyes are spell bounding. And that smile. That pearly smile that beams as bright as the sun. Her voice is angelic and her adorable laugh. I could listen to her talk every day. How delicate she is and her power to make me deeply in love with her..." The way he describes her means that he must be crazily in love with her. "You should ask her out!" He let out laugh, catching me by surprise. "What's so funny?" I asked in confusion. "The only reason why I haven't ask her out yet is because I know she doesn't like me back." I was confused for a second right there. Like c'mon. Niall is so innocent, adorable, funny, and love able. Who would reject to him? "Forget it. Hey look! They're having a competition for a free iPhone 5!" He pointed at the stand that was holding the competition. "Aren't you rich though? Can't you like just buy it yourself without going through this much trouble?" He beamed me a smile, his oceanic eyes connected to my eyes. "Nah. That's too plain boring. I want to try this." He hold my hand firmly and drag me to the stand. "Hi! We like to participate in this competition." Niall exclaimed. It took a while for the lady to reply back, after all we were talking in English so it was hard for her to make out our words. "Just sign here. After that, you young man, go pick out a tuxedo and you, young lady, go pick out a lovely wedding dress. The best looking married couple gets the iPhone 5." I stuttered, trying to say something to the lady but before I could blurt the words out, I was drag into a dressing room.

  After several minutes of finding a dress, I walk out and saw a bunch of couples who actually looked like a married couple. What stood out the most was a figure. His blonde hair was perfectly quiff up, a smile so friendly and sweet, his tuxedo looked so silky and purely white. "Wow, you look. Wow." Niall stood there in aw, lost in his words. "Look who's talking." Without even thinking, I wrap my arms around his left arms and cuddled up to him. He was shock from my approach but went along. "Alright! We'll take a couple of pictures of you guys, choose the best picture, post it up in this bulletin board, and the audience will judge who looks the best. Good enough?" We gave the lady a nod and with that, the competition had begun.

  After endless flashes and turns, it was me and Niall's turn. "Alright, just stand there and stare at each other." I look up to see Niall already staring at me. I look deeply into his eyes. I saw my reflection so easily. His eyes represented the ocean so much and there was a tiny twinkle in his eyes. I was soon under a spell from staring at his gorgeous eyes. The flash took me back to reality and made a quick look away, blushing hard. "Okay, you young man, have your arms around her and your head, nuzzling against her neck. And for you, young lady, hold onto his arms as its being wrap around you." We did what were told. Being in this competition made me realize that I may be falling for Niall. Maybe I haven't seen it clearly that who I should have been in love with in the first place stood right in front of me. His head nuzzled into my neck, his warm cheeks pressed against my bare neck. I rested my head onto his, getting this rushing feeling. A flash corrupted and ruined the moment. "Okay one of you guys kiss one of each other's cheeks." That got everything awkward. We stood there, not sure who will make the first move. "Alright, ready? 5...4..." As the photographer was doing the countdown, I didn't think it through enough to make the first move. I tipy-toed to his height but before a kiss was planted onto his cheeks, he bent over to plant a kiss on me at the same time. Instead of kissing the cheeks, we were kissing each other on the lips. It wasn't one of those make out kiss. A simple kiss with so much meaning. "Perfect! Alright you guys are done!" We walk away; my cheeks are getting redder every second. So were Niall's. "So you think we'll win?" I stuttered, tumbling onto my words. "Of course! I think you guys are a perfect couple!" A couple of people that were in the audience spoke behind us. "Thanks." I turn around to give them a friendly smile.

  The competition was finally done; the lady was about to announce the winner. "The winner is... George and Layla!" A couple started jumping up and down, hugging each other. The people that complimented on us came from behind and said, "We wanted you guys to win...but oh well. I really do hope you guys end up marrying one day." I looked down hard onto the ground, smiling non-stop.


Niall's POV:


  We got into our regular clothes, getting ready to leave but I stop by at the stand asking for a picture. "Here you go young man." The lady gave me a smile and I stroll towards Kayle. "Wow. That competition took up most our afternoon. It's 3 already." "Hmm...Care to join me to go to church real quick?" "That'd be great!" Kayle exclaimed.

    We got to the church and it was absolutely breathtaking. We walked around, prayed, and continue lurking around. "I'll be right back." Kayle muttered. "Alright." I gave her a goodbye wave and continued what I was looking at.

"Hello young man. What brings you here?"

"Just to look around and pray."

"Ahh I see.... was that your girlfriend earlier?"


"Don't lie to me young man. But either way, treat her very well and always stay by her side."

I was curious by his statement. "Why is that?"

"Because.... you guys are destined to be together. Known as soul mate."

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