Kayle was a regular girl who lived in North Carolina. The only thing she cared about is her studies. Her dad soon got engaged to a rich, British lady. Since she was getting transferred, it all means: new school, new home, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new life. As she began her journey at school, she encountered a boy who she soon fallen in love with and showed what life was all about but another guy also captured her heart. Now it's up to her to decide who she really wants to be with


35. Search

Kayle's POV:

         Excitement wept over me. Harry remembered. He finally remembered me. Without even thinking, I embraced him with a hug. He hugged me back tightly; one hand was on my back while one hand was stroking my hair. His face bury into my neck. I felt his hot breath breathing onto me, "I missed you Kayle..." He nuzzled his head onto my neck, planting sweet kisses causing tiny hairs to stick up. We were enjoying the moment until someone cleared their voice. We broke off but I still stayed by his side. My cold fingers entwined with the spaces between his warm fingers. He stared at my marriage finger and noticed something missing, "Where's the ring?" He softly spoke. I stayed silent. "Where's the ring, Kayle?" His voice began to rise. "I don't know..." I murmured. He gripped my hand tighter, "Harry, you're hurting me." I whimpered. "Mate, she probably lost it by accident. We'll find it later. Don't worry." Liam explained. Harry loosened the grip and apologized, "I’m sorry babe." I gave him a sweet smile and accept his apology.

      My clothes were scattered around my bedroom floor, cosmetics took over the bathroom counter, everything was lying everywhere. Feeling hopeless, I sat at the corner of my head. My fingers’ running through my hair as I thought of where was the ring. But then I remembered that day. When I was utterly upset that I threw the ring into the ocean. The other boys were searching my entire hotel room, destroying my room. I stood up and stroll over to them." Boys, I've found the ring." They sigh in relief. "Well that's good because I was about to pass out." Zayn said. I gave them a weak laugh but they return an unsure look. "Is everything all right, Kayle?" Liam asks worriedly. I nodded my head gently and left the room.

      The night was young and cold. The moon was shinning brightly in the sky as the stars were twinkling, one by one. Nobody knew I was alone, outside in the cold but I knew I had to fine the ring. I came to the place that I threw my ring. Who knew a simple place could bring back that beautiful nightmare. I was standing while thinking hard where I threw that ring. I've realized that this area was near to the ocean, therefore landing in the ocean.... The ocean was black during the night time. I feel like the ocean is just a black hole that you could come out, if you're not deep enough. Without even giving second thoughts, I carelessly jumped into the ocean. But how stupid I was to realize, how am I suppose to find the ring if its night time? Luckily the moon was proudly shinning, giving me enough light to go under 8 feet.

      Once in awhile, I would go up the surface, exhaling and inhaling. I would take in so much air that'll allow me to stay under water for at least 15 seconds or something. I kept swimming but as I kept on swimming, I couldn't feel the ground beneath my feet. The moon was still there, shinning. It was perfectly transposing on the ocean. But then something caught my eye. It was glistening under water but it was pretty deep. I tried so hard to hold my breath and get the ring but my arms wasn't long enough to grab a hold of it. Finally, after so many attempts, I grab hold of the ring but before I could surface back up, I felt something caught my ankle. I was struggling, trying to break free of the hold but it wouldn't let go. I still hold onto the ring but I knew it'll slip out of my hands as I'm trying to cut whatever that was holding onto me. I knew this was the end of me because who would still be awake at 3 in the morning? Who would go at night, taking a stroll on the beach? Nobody was here to rescue me. I was losing out of breath. Soon enough, everything went black.

     I felt in peace. Everything was at ease and I felt my heavy life was finally off my shoulders. I feel like I'm floating on air, my muscles are no longer tense but relaxed. I was still holding onto the ring and not wanting to let go so when they find my body, Harry would see how much I really care about him. My mind is no longer running with silly questions or shitty things like my life. It was blank. I want to stay like this forever.  


     But I felt someone grabbing onto me. I wanted to protest and let me be in serenity but I was unable to do so. I felt the cold, hard sand beneath my skin. I didn't wake up from my eternal sleep yet but I did felt a pair of warm lips, crashing onto mine. Whoever it was, they're giving CPR to me. Finally, I coughed out the water that was trap in my lungs. I blink several times but my vision was still blurry. I did saw a person with curly hair. That person shook me until I finally get to see clearly. I look up to see a baby face, perfect pair of lips, and those large emerald eyes that had terror in it. It was Harry. All of the colors on his face drained away and it seems that bitter tears were stained on his red cheeks. "Kayle! I'm so glad you're alive! Why the hell would you do that?" I don't know what got into me but I burst out crying, my breathing was heavy. He picked me and settles me on his laps. His arms wrapped around me. He rocked me back and forth and hummed a sweet tune. We stayed like that for a while until I broke the tension. My fingers were soon released from digging into my palms and revealed the ring. "We could have bought another ring you know. Please don't scare me like that again, Kayle." He planted a kiss onto my cheeks and then whispered something in my ear in his raspy voice, "I love you."



A/N: I just love talking to you guys. Make's me feel more connected to you guys :3 . Yeah well this has been my shittiest week ever. Considering the fact that I got caught using my phone and have a D on my science exam. Someone shoot me. But I still have an A in my science class and I only used my phone to check my grade xD. I'm not used to being such a rebel. But the comments here always make me feel better(: .Well spring break is tomorrow so I'll be updating a lot during my break ! Please share this to your friends, favorite, comment, like. Thank you!xx

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