Kayle was a regular girl who lived in North Carolina. The only thing she cared about is her studies. Her dad soon got engaged to a rich, British lady. Since she was getting transferred, it all means: new school, new home, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new life. As she began her journey at school, she encountered a boy who she soon fallen in love with and showed what life was all about but another guy also captured her heart. Now it's up to her to decide who she really wants to be with


30. Please Stop


   I woke up with my brain pounding against my head. I look around still half awake. My eyelids are mid-way open. I groaned, trying to come back to life. "Hello." A deep voice was said right in front of me. I wasn't able to see who it was since the room was only pitched black but only a small light was shown. "What's going on here? And why am I stuck?" I struggled trying to get the rope out but there was no use; it was double-knotted. "Don't worry Hun. Everything is going to be all right. As long as you listen to me." His voice was soothing. "W-who are you?" I stumbled on my words. He slowly walks toward the light beaming directly down on one spot. He stood there, revealing his whole appearance. "X-Xavier? H-how could you? Why would you do this to me?" Lots of questions were floating in my head. He deeply chuckled and stared hard at the ground and then look at me. He grab a chair, sat down, then gently grab my chin and lazily look into my eyes. "Do you want to know the truth?" I gulp and manage to spit out my words, "Yes. Full truth." "Alright then. It was a long time ago, way back then when I was such an innocent teenager. Me and Harry we-" I interrupt him and spoke loudly, "What does Harry have to do with this?" I stare at him hard, I could feel anger boiling up inside of me. "Let me finish. As I was saying.... Me and Harry went to the same school. We were best friends. Crazy huh? We hanged out almost everyday, tell secrets, and shared almost everything. One day, I met this girl and she was unbelievably beautiful. I soon fell in love with her. I followed her almost everywhere she goes...she didn't mind at all. Then one tragic day as I was trying to find her, I encountered the most horrific scene; my first love and Harry were kissing. Harry knew I was madly in love with her and vowed to back away from her. Did he listen? No he did not. Then I promised myself I will get vengeance one day. I will make him feel like how I felt when my heart was torn to pieces." I was confused by the story he had informed me. How does capturing me do with the story? "So uhm...then why did you kidnapped me then?" I asked in confusion. He slightly gave out a small laugh, "You haven't figured it out yet? You're obviously Harry's one true love. The one he really loves and will do ANYTHING to protect her."


"Me and Harry broke up... You're supposed to kidnap Taylor. Not me."


"Liar. The way he looked at you tonight. Happiness was faded in his eyes. There was nothing left but misery and despair. He misses you."


I scoffed at that statement, "I'm not fucking stupid alright? He does not miss me. AT. ALL. So untie this for me." "Won't do sweet cheeks. I want you to watch a special film."


Harry's POV:


   Fresh air. That's what I needed the most. Just seeing Kayle there, looking so beautiful with her big locks, big eyes, puffy lips, and that gorgeous dress of hers. I bent over; my elbow was resting on a fence while my head was resting on my large heads. I roughly ruffle through my hair thinking about her. I should go back and ask her for one more chance ...but what if she doesn't want to? The way I treated her was out of the question. I don't think she'll take me back. I look up to the sky and ask, "Gemma, what should I do?" I whispered. Then looking at the secret promise ring I have been wearing since I gave it to Kayle. 'Yes. I should go ask her for one more chance.' I stiffen my tuxedo and went straight inside to find Kayle.

   As I was scouring the place, I started to panic. I haven't found Kayle yet. Just when I needed her, she's gone. My curls were jumping up and down as I ran around the area, bumping into all sorts of people. Just then, I got interrupted by my secretary, "Sir.... you have a note." He shows me a yellow envelope that was sealed very well. I grab it with trembling hands and open it slowly. It contained a note:

    "If you want to find Kayle then you have to go outside of the museum and go deeply into the forest. You should be able to see a small house. I left trails in case you got lost. See you friend. Btw: come alone."


   Best friend? It can't possible be one of the boys. Their handwriting is nothing close to this. I clear my voice and roughly gave it to my secretary. "Well um. I might be gone for a while. Don't follow me. I'll be back." His face was expressionless, as he doesn't know what's going on. As I was walking outside, Taylor roughly grabbed my arm. "Let go of me." I growled. "Harry! Stay! For your friend's museum!" I push her away in such a cold way and left her, standing and very confused. I will find you Kayle. And I will protect you.

   I was panting for air as I ran to the lonely shack that was ahead from me. My breathing was increasing and a trickle of sweats starting streaming down my face. I was half way there until I felt a sudden bang on my head.

   I woke up feeling awfully dizzy but what fully woke me up was a girl who was in desperate needs for a lifesaver. "Kayle!" I shouted. Her eyebrows creased to a scared face, tears were rolling down her rosy cheeks. She was screaming but wasn't able to do so because of the tape that was taped onto her perfect lips. Then another figure started to emerge behind Kayle. "Hello Harry." A devious smile appears on the man that was in front of me. "Why do you have Kayle!?" My voice was rising with an anger tone. "Because. I want you to feel how I felt when my heart was shattered a long time ago." I stared at him hard, no emotion was left on my face except confusion. Then it hit me.




"Ah...finally you have noticed me old best friend."


"Why are you doing this to me?"


"Did you not hear me? I want you to feel my pain. My painful heart that was shattered."


"What did I do?"


"You don't remember do yah Harry? Remember when I had a huge crush on a girl? Remember how I talk about her all the time? Remember how I followed her around? Do you remember when you kissed her?!" 


  I stayed speechless, trying to remember the event that happened. Everything went running through my mind, everything came back to me. "Xavier, you never knew the truth behind it." "And I don't want to." he barked, his tone was anger. He continued talking, "That is why I'm going to give you a special treat. Boys come out." Just then, 3 other men emerged around me with weapons on their hands. "Do your job boys."


Kayle's POV:


  My eyes were terrorized as I watch Harry get beaten up. I felt a stinging pain as the tape was ripped off of my lips. "I want you to hear your girlfriend cry as you get beaten up." An evil smirk appear on Xavier's face. "Harry!" I screamed as I cried. My salty tears were constantly streaming down as my voice cracked from screaming and crying at the same time. Blood started trickling down his baby-face. His eyes were severely bruised; deep cuts were made, as he lay down, lifeless as jagging pains ran through his body. "Harry! Please get up!" I screamed in between my cries. The beating was stop as Xavier spoke, "I'll stop if you bark as a dog. If you do so, I'll let you go... but I'll keep Kayle." I was still weeping to see Harry painful hurt. But he manage to say a faint word, "No..." "Fine then. Continue beating Harry up." Xavier commanded. The beating was resume; Harry was still lying there lifeless. Harry slowly got up; a puddle of blood was coming out of Harry's head. "I- I won't give up. I want Kayle back and if I were to die here, I would die from protecting Kayle." he collapsed on the ground, unconscious, as those were his last words. "H-Harry!" I screamed even louder. Xavier grab his chair, his arms were lift up as he was about to hit Harry with it to end Harry's life. With a swift movement, I managed to move and block Harry from getting hurt. Instead of Harry getting hurt, I was the one who took the hit.




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