Kayle was a regular girl who lived in North Carolina. The only thing she cared about is her studies. Her dad soon got engaged to a rich, British lady. Since she was getting transferred, it all means: new school, new home, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new life. As she began her journey at school, she encountered a boy who she soon fallen in love with and showed what life was all about but another guy also captured her heart. Now it's up to her to decide who she really wants to be with


43. Hurt

At the right perfect moment, Taylor came barging into my room. "So I was thinking that maybe we shou-" Taylor's sentence was cut off from the anger tone in Harry's voice, "What was that all about huh? Why did you tweet that I proposed to you? Why are you doing this to me? This is getting out of hands. We were never together, Taylor. Can you leave people alone and let them carry on with life? Me and Kayle are happily together and I would like if you leave us alone please for crying out loud! I want you to say that it was all a lie and get out of this house as soon as possible." Harrys' veins pop up, his face tightening and his eyebrows creased to anger. He gritted his teeth and ball his fist up. Taylor let out a laugh and whispers, "Harry, you know we were together because your mom hooked us up. You know how she loves me and don't you love your mother too? Don't you want her to be happy? Just think that me and you are done, she'll just be sad forever. She's already sad from your father's death so why make her sad even more? Think about it...fiancé." Harry grabs Taylor's arm and threw her outside, following her outside too.


Harry's POV:


The hunger of hitting her is devouring inside of me. "What's the catch huh?" I lean back and stare at her blankly. "What catch?" She sweetly said. "The damn catch Taylor! I know something is going on."


She let out a small chuckle and looks straight at me, darkly. "Had you ever noticed? Harry, girls are all over you. I am one of those girls. I love you, the moment my eyes laid on you, I couldn't stop thinking about you. All day and night, I thought about our future-" her voice was shivering and her eyes were swelling up-" what does Kayle have that I don't? I'm pretty, talented, rich, and skinny. Kayle is not even close to being pretty, she's poor, and she's not even skinny! And what talent does she have? Being a slut?" I felt like my heart stopped beating from the words that are being said to me. Anger was boiling up inside of me and I felt the heat coming out of my ears. "Kayle is way different than you and all of the other girls I've dated. She's different which makes herself attractive. Unlike you, she has a heart to others and cares for what other thinks. She IS skinny but not anorexia like you. She maybe poor but her heart is worth a lot. More than you could ever imagine." Taylor rolls her eyes. "Yeah okay whatever. But if you dare tell the world that this thing is a lie, I'll be sure to tell your mom lies that'll break her heart." Taylor snickers and left me star struck. Don't get me wrong, I love Kayle with all of my heart but my mom has enough sadness in her life. I'm the only one left for her and I can't bear to see my mother mourning over for what I've done. I walk into Kayle's or should I say, our room, to see her fast asleep. Marking off my calendar, the twins will be born very soon.




I roll over to my side and saw my beautiful princess still sleeping peacefully. But her eyes look swollen like if she silently cried all night while I was not aware of it.


I creep outside of the room and saw Taylor by the door. "So Harry, because the news of our engagement is out, I was thinking we could go out in public." I sent her a death glare and grab her by the arms, "I will not say this thing is a lie but I will not go out in public with you." I gave her one last hard squeeze and release it. "Fine, I'll just call your mom and te-" "Fine! I'll do it." I hissed and stroll off.




The fact that I'm not with Kayle is killing inside of me. Little did she know that I'm with Taylor but if I tell her, she'll feel heartbroken. I remember the first date where me and her went to the carnival, when I finally got Kayle to like me. Then that night when I could finally say that she's mine. That day was an unforgettable day that I'll remember and replay it in my head when I miss her.

Taylor grips onto my arm and act all cute and cuddly. I tried to let go but her grip was too hard and her nails were deeply dug into my arm. Everywhere we go, everybody point and congratulate us. Every congratulations bothered me so much.


Kayle's POV:


Harry told me that he was going to Simon to talk about the tour. Apparently, his tour starts on the day I give birth to these little kids.


A spoon was on my right hand while a cup of ice cream was on my left. I turn to see Taylor's assistants, Ana, watching tv by herself. "Hello. My name is Kayle. Mind if I join you?" Ana looks up quickly, her long brown hair brushes off her shoulder and her worry face seems to bother me. "Um um um yeah um sure." She stutters each word that I wasn't able to make out. "Are you okay Ana? You seem to be worried or scared of me?" I heard a loud gulp that was made from her as she moves away. "It's not that I'm scare. I'm just usually awkward and have nobody to talk to... This is pretty new to me." Like a window, my face opens to a shock face "Are you kidding me? Wow well I guess I'm the first to talk to you!" I genuinely gave her a smile and she gave me one back. "Hey can we go to the fair today? I REALLY want to go!" She exclaims like a little girl. I'm sure she's about my age but probably a year or two younger who should still be in school.




"Girl hangout? I think yes but I won't be walking that fast. Babies are getting bigger." We both let out a laugh and chatter about our life and getting to know each other. There were a lot of people but everywhere I go, I feel like I see Harry. Maybe I just miss him so much that I'm seeing things. But then I saw a figure that resembles so close to Harry that at first, I wanted to run towards him and feel his warmth again. But it's impossible to think that Harry is here. He said he's going to Simon who is about 2 hours away plus Harry is taken by me. I'm his and no one can take that title away from me. I soon had gotten closer to the figure that resembles Harry so much. I continued staring and staring, bumping to all sort of people but I didn't care. I want to see who this person is. The figure was now kissing a blonde, slick figure. Seems like a passionate kiss. I could feel his warm lips place onto mine and danced around with our tongues. I soon gave up. The couple won't reveal themselves so I stroll off to another direction. "Wait! Where are you going Kayle?" Ana yells across the gap between. I stammer on my words, "Bathroom!" "Wait! I know a shortcut! Come with me!" Without answering, she drags me back to the couple. But then I had a clearer view of who it was.


It was Harry and Taylor.


A/N: I should update early more often :D<3 enjoy~

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