Kayle was a regular girl who lived in North Carolina. The only thing she cared about is her studies. Her dad soon got engaged to a rich, British lady. Since she was getting transferred, it all means: new school, new home, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new life. As she began her journey at school, she encountered a boy who she soon fallen in love with and showed what life was all about but another guy also captured her heart. Now it's up to her to decide who she really wants to be with


31. Confusion


    I feel weak, paralyzed. I couldn't feel anything but numbness. The only thing I could see was space; black and empty. I felt a sharp pain on my left shoulder and warm liquid running down my rosy cheeks. But I could hear clearly. The sound of Louis' trembling voice as I could hear the sirens coming. "Please Kayle. Stay with me don't die. Please." His voice was pleading. I felt a single water drop on me as it went slithering down my face. I felt his warm hands holding tightly onto mine giving a gentle squeeze. All I could think about is Harry. Wondering if he’s severely hurt or… dead.


   As I was being rush to the hospital, I heard many voices from left to right. The sound of people weeping and crying loudly from the left side and people screaming at me to hold on and not to let go on the right side. Then everything shut down.


   The pain of my left shoulder was no longer there. The pain was gradually decreasing but there was this tiny pain left inside of me; my heart shaking. Harry, not one moment, left my mind. His living meant everything to me. I thought about him throughout the whole operation because he'll always be my reason to live. To me, he's as important as air. 




   My eyes slowly fluttered open then to my surprise, a figure pop in front of me. "Z-Zayn?" "Kayle?! You're awake? Omg this is great! We got to go tell the others." I quickly jolt up and took a hold firm on his hand. "Where's Harry?" I asked. He look down, all the color on his face drained away. "Kayle, stop worrying about Harry for just a minute. You need to worry about yourself too." I let go of the firm and drop my hand on the soft bed. With that, he ran off to go tell the others and the doctor. In less then 5 minutes, a crowd of people came rushing into my room. A man with the white coat screamed, "PLEASE! Everyone out." The others slowly walk outside as some stayed inside.


"So, how are you feeling Kayle?"


"Fine, a bit dizzy though."


"Do you remember anything? At all?"


"Yeah, I remember perfectly fine."


"Alright. We'll have to scan you tomorrow to check you again just in case. If you're okay then you'll be release a week from now but if not then 2-3 weeks. Okay? Eat well. Bye."


"Wait! Doctor! How long was I out?"


"About 2 weeks."


  I look down at my hands then thought of Harry, "One more question... where is Harry Styles? And how is he...?" My voice was shivering as I was getting prepare to receive the answer. "Styles? He's right next door and he's fine..." There was a tint of guiltiness. He stroll outside and left me worried. Then boys came running into my room and attack me with warming hugs. "Kayle!! You're alright and awake!!" Louis was jumping up and down; his grin was so big that it took up half of his face. "Hey guys!" I beamed a smile at them and gave them a quick peck on their cheeks. Then I realized that Niall isn't here... "Where's Niall?" "He's sleeping right now at my place. He stayed here for 2 weeks, waiting for you to wake up. For fun, he sings you songs and talks to you to keep you company. He's really tired so he'll see you tomorrow?" Liam spoke up his tone was casual. "Oh... alright... well did I miss anything while I was gone?!" I shouted, so thrill to see my boys again. They kept glancing at each other with worried looks, "Well um... me and Eleanor are engaged!" A rush of happiness ran through my body. "Omg! When did this happen?! Omg! I finally have a sister! Well a sister-in-law." I shrieked as tears were rolling down my face.




   A week had past and I'm still stuck in this cold hospital. Most of the time, I'm by myself since the boys had to rehearse and live their life but they'll come here once in awhile including the girls. For time to go past by quickly, I talk to many guests and patients around the area or the cafeteria. I was walking down the lonely hallway, 3 rooms away from my room when I saw a room that said, "Styles". I stop dead on my track and stared at it. I gazed at it for a long period of time, having the urge to go in. But then I was interrupted by a girl voice it was so recognize-able. "Kayle? Oh it's so good to see you! How you feeling? Are you about to go into Harry's room?" I tumble onto my words, "Um, it's nice seeing you too Taylor. I'm fine, getting release next week. Actually I'm about to um... enter too..." I didn't know what got into me. "Great! We could go in together!" She grabs the door handle and burst into the room. I slowly follow her; the image of Harry was slowly increasing. I saw Taylor rushing towards Harry, placing a plastic bag onto the cabinet and giving Harry a tight hug. I saw down next to Taylor and starred at Harry. His curls are still the same. Those red, puffy lips and those big emerald eyes. Nothing changed. He looks at Taylor then at me then back at Taylor. I felt an eerie feeling in the atmosphere. He then gave me another glance, examining me. He looks at Taylor back with a stern face. His long bony finger pointed at me and words came out of his mouth that left me star struck.


"Who's she?"





I wuuvv you guys so much. With the support and everything!<3 The other co-owner is finally back on this account! Please read "The Diary of Mackenzie Robins: Life with only 4/5ths of One Direction" Thanks.Xx Please comment on some feedbacks, favorite, like it, and share it :D. More updates later. It's getting so exciting!! 

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