Kayle was a regular girl who lived in North Carolina. The only thing she cared about is her studies. Her dad soon got engaged to a rich, British lady. Since she was getting transferred, it all means: new school, new home, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new life. As she began her journey at school, she encountered a boy who she soon fallen in love with and showed what life was all about but another guy also captured her heart. Now it's up to her to decide who she really wants to be with


20. Beautiful

I woke up with a smile on my face. Last night was crazy. Who knew I was able to give a pro sex-addict a lot of pleasure. I saw Harry propped up to his elbow, facing towards me. His eyes were twinkling with delight, his curls were sticking out everywhere, and his dimple was deeply in. I have just witnessed an angel. He looked deeply into my eyes and rested his forehead onto mine. He sweetly rubbed his nose back and forth causing me to giggle. I cupped his face with my tiny hands, leaning forward to his face to steal some sweet kisses from his red, puffy lips. "So, what's the plan today Babe?" He asked seductively, gazing at my lips. "I was hoping to go to the beach today with everyone." I answered his question without even giving a moment to think about it. I traced his lips slowly, gazing at it, wanting a kiss from him so badly. He gave me a quick peck and got up. "Well if we're going to the beach, get up!" He jumped around like a little child, his curls flopping up and down from every step he took. I pulled the covers off of my naked body. I just can't stop thinking about last night and what he said to me.


Everybody was at the beach without us. They didn't even ask us if we wanted to come...lovely friends we have. Harry ran over to them, attacking them with a hug. "Why didn't you guys invite us?" Harry asked through his laughs. "Well because we though you guys were tired from having...way too much fun last night that we thought you guys were tired." Louis beamed me a smirk. I blushed deeply and so did Harry. "Well tired or not, invite us next time stupid's!" The girls were peacefully tanning while the boys were playing around like a 5 year old. I haven't really talked to the girls lately ever since the trip started. I walked over to them slowly, "Hey girls!" I really hope I don't make this awkward. Oh God, please help me. "Oh hey Kayle! Care to join us?" She looked him, giving me a friendly smile. I gladly took the offer and sat down to where they were sitting. Who knew tanning was so relaxing. The sound of the ocean crashing, the sunrays hitting onto your skin, your toes dug into the warm sand, the moderate wind blowing in. Everything was just so perfect.... and awkwardly quiet. "So! How about we stop tanning for a couple of minutes, hang out with the boys for a couple of hours, and then go to the mall for a all-day girls hangout?" Eleanor asked. It's not a bad idea, I mean like I really don't have much friends and it would be nice to go to the mall with a couple of your gals.


We continued to tan peacefully, not a single sound was made except the sound of the boys talking and laughing like a maniac. I could have sworn my mind drifted me off, leaving me in my fantasyland. But what woke me up to reality was a couple of hands carrying me bridal-style. It was hard to see who it was because the sun was beaming onto me. But I managed to see some things. Curls were sticking out perfectly, his biceps, and a cute little dimple. It was no other than my Harry. "Harry! Put me down!" He deeply chuckled and without any warning, threw me in the salty ocean. I have never taken a glimpse of the ocean closely. It was so beautiful. The water is so clear; you could see everything down in the deep, mysterious ocean. Harry got into the water, swimming over to me. No matter what, I always feel short whenever I'm standing next to him. His large hands were around my waist, pulling me closer to him. "Isn't the ocean so beautiful?" I muttered. "Yeah but not as beautiful as you." He strokes my hair smoothly, leaving me chills running down my spine. We stayed like that for a couple of hours, staying in each other's arms. I think the girls left me here while going to the mall, but that's okay. We watched the sun go down. The sun was reflected on the ocean, making the scene so beautiful. "Kayle? I love you." He whispered in my ear, biting my earlobe. I giggled, replying back to what he said.

"I love you too."

"Can I admit something to you?"


"You're everything to me. I believe that you are my other half. My soulmate. I hope to be your husband one day. That's my dream. To be yours forever."

Out of nowhere, he pulled out a small box, opening it to reveal a beautiful promise ring. "Promise me you'll always stay with me no matter what?" "I promise." I vowed. He slowly put the ring on my left, marriage finger. I looked at it carefully. He then showed his left finger, showing the other promise ring.

"Together. Forever."

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