Kayle was a regular girl who lived in North Carolina. The only thing she cared about is her studies. Her dad soon got engaged to a rich, British lady. Since she was getting transferred, it all means: new school, new home, new friends, new teachers, and a whole new life. As she began her journey at school, she encountered a boy who she soon fallen in love with and showed what life was all about but another guy also captured her heart. Now it's up to her to decide who she really wants to be with


19. A Hot Night to Remember

*WARNING* Pretty PG-13 ish. Sexual contents is on this chapter. You have been warned my lovely's. :)xX



We got back to the hotel to see everyone fast asleep or at least what we thought. We were creeping down the hall quietly, talking about tomorrow's plan. We got to our room quietly without making any noises. I laid on our bed, looking through twitter til I saw a shirtless Harry walking in the room. His toned abs, that sexy curly hair flopping up and down, that V-Line...what made him more beautiful is that he's wearing ripped jeans making him have that bad boy appearance. He jumped on me and we were now face-to-face. "So, Harry I was thinking maybe we co-..." my sentence was cut off by the attack of Harry's lips. He kept kissing me but this kiss was more ...aggressive. He stop kissing me for a moment and start kissing my neck. Leaving love bites everywhere. He kissed my soft spot, making a moan escape my lips. I haven't realized that my hands were now ruffling through his messy hair and that Harry's hands were now down to my bum, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Harry..." He stopped kissing my neck and grabbed my shirt with his gritted teeth, tugging it; indicating that he wants it off. I don't know what got into me but I didn't object the order. I did was I was told and slowly pulled my shirt up, revealing my lace bra. He stared at me, admiring my chest. "You're so beautiful...Kayle, are you wearing a lace bra?" I looked away, blushing deeply. "You'd never asked my permission if you could wear it or not. Bad girls should be punished." He whispered seductively, sending me a smirk. I felt his crouch between my inner thighs, seeking for attention. He continued kissing my body, slowing going down to my stomach. He quickly unbuttoned my pants, throwing them to the ground, and leaving me pant-less. "Lace undies? Tsk tsk tsk..." He worked his way back to my chest and to my neck, kissing it. His large hands cupped my breast then circling around my nipples. It was soon harden. Harry felt it and deeply chuckled. He slid down and started kissing my legs, then to my inner thighs, and right there. Right there caused me to moan his name. Not too loud but it was audible. He slowly pulled the panties down, revealing my core. "I want you to experience as much pleasure as possible." I gulped, afraid of what's going to happen. I had never done this before. EVER. And this is 100% not me. I would never do this kind of thing this early but I don't know what had gotten into me. The moment I met Harry, it just clicked. My goody side was gone and a whole new Kayle was bloomed. I still focus on school but other than I'm not a goody goody anymore. When I first ditched detention, I felt bad but free. Like my sad, boring life has been lifted to a happy, beautiful life. If I had never met this boy, I wouldn't feel as much pleasure as I'm feeling right now and so free... 

He's finger was circling around my area, his mouth went in a O formation and began the pleasure. I was watching him while taking in the pleasure-ment. It looks like Harry knows what he was doing, well obviously because he had probably done it to other girls before me. He stopped and without even realizing it, one of his long bony fingers went inside of me. When his finger glide into me, I felt a painful sting run through my body. I gripped onto the bed sheet, holding back my scream. At first he went back and forth slowly, allowing me to get use to the pain. As his speed increased, the pain was gone and all I could feel was pleasure. "Harry...I'm about to..." I pleaded, trying to catch my breath. "No, hold it in." His speed increased and then decreased and then increased again. He blew in cold airs causing me to flinch. He finally stopped and slither up to me, giving me a cheeky smile. "Your turn." I didn't know how to do this. Like how am I supposed to make the pro of having sex feel pleasure when this is my first time? Might as well start off by kissing those damp lips. I was on top of him, giving him a long, passionate kiss while unbuttoning his pants. He grinds his pants off, leaving him in those boxers. I left his lips, kissing down slowly, leaving wet trails all over his toned body. My fingers slowly trailed over his abs and went down to where his crouch was. It was pretty hard, ha. I rolled his boxer down, being revealed by his hard length size. I felt Harry's dark eyes glued to me, watching every movement. "Pump it." Harry instructed. Thanks curly for telling me step 1. I wrapped my frail fingers around his length and started pumping it. I went all the way up and all the way down to where his tip was. He groaned, his head was tossing and turning. I single stream of sweat was already falling down Harry's face. I soon accelerated, causing Harry to moan my name. I didn't know what was going on. At first I was pumping it and now, all of a sudden, the length was in my mouth. I felt his length throbbing inside of my mouth. I did it for a sec and started kissing around him. It seems like Harry liked this the most. His back arched up, his head stretched back; revealing a prominent vein throbbing under his tan skin. "No...Kayle stop..." I stop what I was doing and look up to Harry's face. He was panting, trying to catch his breath. "Come here." He pulled me up to be face-to-face. "God, you're breathtaking." He hands sweetly rubbing against my rosy cheeks. I rolled over to him but by the time I rolled over, he rolled over on top of me. "Haha we're not done yet." . His tip was teasing me making me really frustrated. "Harry, just go with it!" He quickly picked up his pants, searching for something. To my surprise, he pulled out a condom and glanced me a snigger, "Knew I'll be needing this." Just then, I felt him inside of me. Pleasure wept through my body as he thrusts harder, going deeply inside of me. My nails were deeply clawed onto his back; leaving deep, red, claw marks on him. His hips were pounding against my body. I was about to reach my climax and I couldn't hold it in anymore. "Harry, I'm seriously about to..." "Together." All of a sudden, I felt a squirt of hot liquid inside of me. Harry rolled over me. It took a few second for us to come back to Earth. I couldn't feel my limbs or my body no more, I felt so weak and drained away.



"I love you, you know that right?"

"Of course I know that. Why else would you give me such an amazing night?"

"If we break up, do you think we'll stay as friends or become strangers?"

"Now why do you assume that we'll break up?"

He rolled over to me, facing towards me. He was still catching his breath. His dark eyes were still on me, his eyebrows creased, giving me a confused look.

"I don't know...I mean like not all relationships are perfect right?"

"But you're perfect. And when two people are perfect for each other, nothing can separate them apart."

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