You're Perfect to Me

This is a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction.
Delilah is a 19-year-old college student who has been bullied all her life. She goes to Greenview University in Manchester, England. Extremely insecure about herself, she doesn't think she can do it anymore. She doesn't think she deserves to live. But that was until Louis Tomlinson came along. *Some strong language*


19. War Zone

"Oh my god, this is so good!" I said, stuffing my face with steak and macaroni.


"See, you've been missing a lot while you were locked up in your room," Louis said teasing me.


"Damn, if I knew this was down here, I would've come," I replied.


I finished eating and realized I should've taken it easy the first night. Going from eating practically nothing to a huge feast was a big difference.


"Sure, we'll be there," I heard Liam saying on the phone. He hung up and sat next to me on the couch.


"What's up?" I asked.


"Danielle wants to know if we want to come eat with her family tomorrow for dinner," he explained.


"Sounds fun! Who else is gonna be there?" I asked.


"The five of us and you, if you're up to it."


"I would love to!"


"What would Lady Delilah love to do?" Louis asked, popping up from behind the couch.


"Go to dinner at the Peazer estate for tea tomorrow," I said, laying on the couch upside down.


"Is Lord Tomlinson invited?"


"Whoa, that's a little far, but yes you are, sir," I said, as Louis decides he's going to sit on top of me.


"I HAVE AND IDEA!" he yells and starts running around the house. All of the sudden he run back in the room with about 30 cans of silly string and sprays it all over everything, including down an unexpecting Harry's pants. All havoc breaks loose as everyone grabs a can and the house turns into a war zone.


"Suck it, Tommo!" I hear Niall yell as Louis starts screaming. I'm not even sure it was Louis, it sounded more like a 2-year-old girl. I quickly run into the rom and see every single person is tackling Louis to the ground, spraying him until he was just a mound of neon string.


"That's going to be fun to get off," I say when he finally manages to stand up.


"Delilah, I need a hug," he says, putting on his best pouty face.


"I would be honored to, but maybe later," I say, slowly backing up.


"I'M GONNA GET YOU!!" he yells and starts chasing me. I run for my life, not wanting to get covered in the sticky string. Louis manages to corner me in the back hallway, but I open the garage door and run outside into the frigid night weather.


"I SURRENDER!" I yell as he chases me into the backyard, almost tumbling down the giant hill.


"Come on, you know you want to," he said, opening his arms. I reluctantly let him hug me, getting the disgusting stuff all over my new clothes.


"Okay, that's enough," I say, having to literally peel myself away from him. We walk back inside and it was worse than we expected. Silly string was on all the furniture, the TV, and smashed into the carpet. I walked into the kitchen when suddenly four boys came running past in their boxers and ran upstairs. Their four pairs of pants were discarded on the kitchen floor, covered, stained, and probably ruined with string.


"We're gonna have fun tomorrow morning," I say as I wander up the stairs, Louis trailing behind.


A/N: I realized that this is the first time I've written an author's note this entire story. Sorry for the crappy chapter, I was running out of ideas. I am going to be starting a new movella super soon; it is going to be a Zayn Malik fanfic. That means that I am going to be ending this one soon. I just want to thank everyone who has liked and favorited this story, it means a lot.

-Mrs. Horyne <3

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