You're Perfect to Me

This is a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction.
Delilah is a 19-year-old college student who has been bullied all her life. She goes to Greenview University in Manchester, England. Extremely insecure about herself, she doesn't think she can do it anymore. She doesn't think she deserves to live. But that was until Louis Tomlinson came along. *Some strong language*


5. The Other Slutbag, Diamond

We walked out of the cafe and turned the corner. Louis was literally the funniest person I have ever met. We went walking and window shopping around the square until we both were about to die of exhaustion.


"You wanna go to one of these restaurants for dinner?" He asked me.


"Sure, if you want to," I replied. We walked into a place called Marlow's Tavern and got a table. I recognized a few girls and guys from my school. They were all staring at me. I faked a smile and put my attention back on Louis.


"Anything look good?" I asked him.


"Yeah, you can get whatever you want, love," he said.


"I'm just getting a salad," I told him.


"How can you not be starving after that long day of walking?" He asked amused. I just shrugged and absentmindedly looked at the menu.


I heard someone laughing behind me. I turned around and it was Diamond, one of Shayna's friends. Just my luck. I turned around and prayed she wouldn't recognize me. Too late.


"Oh, hey Delilah! Fancy meeting you here!" She said in a sickly sweet way.


I gave her a faint smile.


"Oh my god, are you on a date? Congrats!" She said and strutted off.




"Do you know her?" Louis asked me.


"She's one of Shayna's friends," I answered.


"Oh. Her," he said, with a comical disgusted look on his face. I laughed at him, he acted like such a little kid. I loved it.


We ate our food, talking and laughing before Louis paid the bill and we left.


"You need help getting home?" Louis asked me.


"No, I'll be fine. I only live a few miles down the road."


"You sure? That's a long way and it's dark."


"I'm sure. See ya later!" I said. He gave me a hug and I turned around and walked home.


I got home about 30 minutes later. I collapsed on my couch and took my heels off. They were getting so uncomfortable.


I noticed some mail on my rug. I picked it up and sorted it. Bills. All bills. Water bills, electric bills, phone bills. How was I going to manage to pay all of these? My paycheck hadn't gotten here yet, so my fingers crossed that it would make the cut.


I got in bed and almost drifted off to sleep when I heard my phone buzz. I picked it up and saw a text from Louis.


"Hey babe, I had a great time today :)"


"So did I. We should do it again some other time."


I hope that didn't sound weird.


I swear there's something wrong with my mind.


I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.



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