You're Perfect to Me

This is a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction.
Delilah is a 19-year-old college student who has been bullied all her life. She goes to Greenview University in Manchester, England. Extremely insecure about herself, she doesn't think she can do it anymore. She doesn't think she deserves to live. But that was until Louis Tomlinson came along. *Some strong language*


14. The Most Awkward Convo in History

Louis grabbed my hand and lead me out the front door. I hopped into Zayn's Range Rover after begging Louis for hours to take it.


"If Zayn finds out he's gonna kill me, and it's all gonna be your fault," he said, helping me into it.


We drove for a while, listening to the radio and having a good time. I turned the radio down and asked, "Tell me why again we have to go to the doctors?"


"It's just gonna reassure me that you're okay," he replied.


"Louis, everything's fine. There's nothing wrong with me," I said. He was acting like I was some contaminated animal.


"I know," he replied. Why was he acting so suspicious?


"Is there something you're not telling me?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.


"No! I swear there is nothing!"


"If I get there and they give me some kind of shot to make me sleep forever and then they kidnap me to some abandoned island, I will find you, Louis Tomlinson, and I will kill you," I said teasingly.


"Why so harsh?"


I laughed as we pulled up in front of the office. Ever since I was little I hated this place. Louis told me to sit down while he signed me in. He came and plopped down next to me until the doctor came out, which took like 5 hours (okay, that's an exaggeration. It was more like 45 minutes).


"Hello, Miss Delilah Turner, and who might this be?" he asked, pointing to Louis. I didn't really know how to respond, Louis never asked me to be his girlfriend and I felt bad calling him just a friend.


"I'm Louis Tomlinson," he answered.


"Are you related?" the doctor asked. Why so many questions?


"I'm her boyfriend," he responded, stepping next to me and taking my hand.


"Well, I'm sorry, but you cannot come along if you are not related by blood," the doctor insisted. I already didn't like this place.


"I'm not going back there if he can't come with me," I protested. The doctor looked at me like I was rediculous, but there was no way I was doing this alone. Louis was the reason I was here. He finally gave in and lead us into a back room.


"Step onto the scale," he ordered. God, this was embarrassing. I didn't want the world to know my weight! I reluctantly stepped on, and thankfully Louis wasn't paying attention; he was on his phone.


"My, my. We are a little underweight, now aren't we?" he said, writing on his clipboard. I looked at the scale. 105 pounds. I was dropping weight fast. How come I didn't look any slimmer? I saw Louis glance up and his eyes got big. He snapped his eyes back onto his phone like he didn't see.


"Alright, this way please," the doctor lead us into a completely white room, like in horror movies. It made me shiver.


He proceded into asking me all kinds of personal questions that I thought completely unnecessary to the purpose why I was here. Fuck, I dont even know why I'm here! It was particularly awkward in front of Louis and with a male doctor. What kind of guy needs to know if I'm on my menstral cycle?!


"Ok, I'm just gonna give you a quick check up..." he said, looking in my throat.


"Have you thrown up in the past 24 hours?"


"... Yes?" I said awkwardly.


"More than once?" he asked, raising his eyebrows. Louis was pretending that he wasn't listening, but I could tell he was.


"... Yes?"


Louis's head slowly looked up at me, but I avoided making eye contact.


 "Well, okay then," he said, evidently Dr. Copperfield, marking more stuff on his clipboard. "Would you like your man friend to leave for this next part?" he asked suspiciously.


I looked up at Louis.


"I'll come right back after this," he said gazing into my eyes. He patted my knee and walked out the door. Yes, he was definitely planning something. This Doctor proceeded to ask me all these shit questions that had no relation to I don't know what.


"Have you been trying to lose weight?"




"When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself losing weight, even when your weight is dropping?"




"Have you made yourself purposefully throw up?"




'Are you obsessed with trying to make your weight go down?"


"Obsessed is a strong word..."


"Have you resorted to starving yourself?"


"Yes..." I said guiltily.


"Ok then. I'll be right back," He said as he walked out the door. Right when he left Louis stepped back in.




"Hey," he replied.


"This is definitely the most awkward doctors appointment I've ever been to," I said, patting a place to sit down next to me.


"Yeah. Sorry bout that," he said, a smile creeping onto his face.


"I hate you," I said smiling as I put my head on my shoulder.


He started fake crying.


"Oh my god, I was kidding!" I said running my fingers through his hair.


The door opened and both of us popped up. Dr. What's His Face looked at us and motioned for Louis to go sit back down.


"Do you want him to leave again?" he asked. Louis stood up to leave, but I grabbed his hand.




"Alrighty then. So let's start off easy. You're alive, but if this would've lasted much longer, within the month you could've been dead." he said as it was no big deal.


I jumped at his words; they stung like bees.


"But, now to the more serious part. I'm sorry to say, but you've been diagnosed with Anorexia and a major case of Bulimia."


A tear fell out of my eye. I knew what I was doing was bad, but I didn't know it was this severe. I literally thought I was fat, not just a mental disorder that I thought I was. I saw a tear fall out of Louis's eye, but he quickly wiped it away.


"It that all that's wrong with me?" I said, my voice shaky.


"I know you're down about it now, but be grateful. You could be much worse. Suicidal thoughts could have developed if this would've gone much longer."


HA! Like I've never had suicidal thoughts before. The doctor handed me two pill bottles. He said one was for my fucked up brain and the other was vitamins. I saw him talking to Louis as we walked out. Something along the lines of: "Make sure she eats and actually keeps it all down. You need to keep your eye on her." Yeah, like I couldn't take care of myself. Bitch, please.



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