You're Perfect to Me

This is a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction.
Delilah is a 19-year-old college student who has been bullied all her life. She goes to Greenview University in Manchester, England. Extremely insecure about herself, she doesn't think she can do it anymore. She doesn't think she deserves to live. But that was until Louis Tomlinson came along. *Some strong language*


24. The Final Chapter

-Delilah's POV-


       We walked out of the tattoo shop and I looked around at my surroundings. Why did I used to think that the world was so bad? There was nothing to be afraid of. I never thought that I would have someone to live for or someone who cared about me. I thought everyone was like Shayna. She told me that I was fat, ugly, and no one could or would ever love me. Well, here's a newsflash: eveyone is not like her. In fact, there are very few people like Shayna, I just had the slight inconvenience of bumping into her. But bumping into her gradually led to me meeting Louis. There is always gonna be someone in your life who will love you and take care of you, you just have to find them. Sometimes that will not be exactly easy, but you have to fight for it.


       I looked up at Louis and gave him a big smile.

       "What's that for?" he asked, smiling back and playfully bumping into me.

       "Thank you for being there for me," I said simply. There was so much more that I wanted to say to him, to thank him for, but I didn't know how.

       "I swear that you've said thank you more times this month than you ever have in your life," he said as we sat down under a tree at the top of a hill, gazing down at all of the people below us.

       "Can I ask you something?"

       "Of course," he replied.

       "Why did you stay? Why didn't you just leave me and walk past like everyone else? Why did you actually even care?" I said, overanalyzing everything.

       "Why do people look at someone and automatically think, 'I can do so much for that person, I just need to show them?" he answered. I looked at him, puzzled. "When I saw you that first day, laying on the pavement after that bitch practically attacked you, I couldn't bear the sight of it. I hate to say this, but normally I would've just walked past. I used to think that if it wasn't happening to me, it wasn't my problem. Why should I have to do anything about it, why can't someone else? Well Delilah, you shouldn't have to think about saving someone's life, but a lot of people do. That's why no one was helping you. They thought that if they helped you, they would be thrown into the same situation. Well, look. That didn't happen. I'm not worse off than the day I helped you, in fact I'm 10 times better. I know you've definitely changed since three months ago, but so have I. You've helped me become a better person. And I just want to let you know that no matter what happens, no matter how either of us change, I will never leave you. Ever."

       My eyes instantly watered up, but not in sadness. I couldn't help it. I was speechless. I wanted to tell him that I loved him, that I would never leave him, but I couldn't get the words out. All I could do was crash my lips onto his, causing an explosion of butterflies to erupt in my stomach. So this is what love feels like. Stronger than any emotion, it can erase all scars and bruises from the worst of tragedies and sufferings from a lifetime within seconds. This is worth living for. This is worth putting up with all of the bullying and hardships of life, because I know that it is nothing compared to love. Even though hate may win some battles, love wins in the end.


       "I love you Louis Tomlinson," I muttered.






15 years later and Louis Tomlinson was right. He stuck by my side through thick and thin, through our tough young adult years, our stressful wedding, to having 2 kids and raising teenagers. Our love has never faultered. It has never grown weak in times of failure, pressure, anger, or anxiety. In fact, it grew stronger. You may say that there is still a chance that it may not work out, but I know that Louis made a promise underneath that tree in the park that day 15 years ago, and Louis William Tomlinson keeps his promises.

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