You're Perfect to Me

This is a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction.
Delilah is a 19-year-old college student who has been bullied all her life. She goes to Greenview University in Manchester, England. Extremely insecure about herself, she doesn't think she can do it anymore. She doesn't think she deserves to live. But that was until Louis Tomlinson came along. *Some strong language*


15. I'm Turning into a Monster

We walked out of the doctor's office and to the parking lot. I was ahead of Louis so I jumped in the Range Rover and slammed the door before he got there. I threw my head in my hands and tryed to hold back the tears. I failed miserably. I heard Louis sigh and start the car. I leaned my head up against the window and stared blankly out it. I saw kids laughing, parents running with them, and couples holding hands happily. Nothing was wrong with their lives. None of them had a mental disease.


I glanced at Louis and he was staring intently on the road. I could tell he was no more happy about this than I was.


"Did you know?" I asked him. He turnd his head slightly.


"Yes. Well, no. I mean, I suspected it. You were acting strange, you would never eat anything, and you told me how insecure you were. Most people don't make themselves throw up just for the fun of it." he explained.


"Why me? Why do I have to have all the problems while everyone else lives their perfect lives? My life has always been fucked up. I never had a dad, he left when I was 3, I had to move because of my moms work to keep a roof over our heads. Moving meant meeting Shayna, who instantly made my life a living hell. It's all her fault..." I trailed off.


"You know, your life isn't as bad as you think it is," Louis said, but I wasn't listening.


"It's her fault. It's all her fault.She's why I'm like this. She's ruined my life, and I'm gonna kill her for it. I'M GONNA KILL HER!" I yelled as loud as my lungs would let me. I frantically tried to open the door and throw myself out of the car and onto the highway. Louis spun the wheel, throwing the car into the curb and slamming on the brakes.


"DELILAH! CALM THE FUCK DOWN!" He yelled. I had broken down crying and was still trying to bust the door open.


"OPEN THE DOOR!" I screamed at him.


"I put the fucking child lock on, and you better be grateful I did!"


I was beside myself, I couldn't see straight and my brain was fuzzy.


"What's happening to me? I'm turning into a monster!" I screamed at myself, wanting to bust all the mirrors in so I didn't have to look at myself.


We pulled into the driveway and Zayn was on his phone, looking around like something was missing.


'Dude, why'd ya take mah car?" he said with that adorable accent.


Louis went around to finally open the door for me; I was still bawling and unsteady on my feet. Zayn rushed over to help me into the house.


"What's wrong? Did something happen at the doctor?" he asked, but with that reminder that this was really happening, I let out a shriek and collasped into his arms.


'I guess it was worse than I expected?" he questioned, but I couldn't answer him. I refused to walk any further. I couldn't walk any further, so he had to pick me up and carry me to my room. He laid me gently on my bed, and I curled up into a ball and continued crying. I heard Louis walk in.


"Is she gonna be okay?" Zayn asked Louis.


"Yeah, just give her time. She'll come round." he replied. I heard my door close and Louis talking to Zayn in the hall. I couldn't get up, all my strength was knocked out of me. I laid in bed for about an hour when I couldn't take it anymore. I needed the pain to go away.


I slipped out of bed, not as gracefully or as quietly as I had hoped. I stumbled into the bathroom and locked the door, holding my head. It was pounding like hell. Surprisingly, there were still tears puring out of my eyes. I couldn't control them any longer.


I started searching through the cupboards like a mad woman. I looked and looked until I found it. Silver and shining in the light, the razor blade sliced through my flesh like it was paper. I let out a gasp of pain and the blood started flowing freely down my arm and into the carpet. Without thinking, I cut myself again. More blood. I got up and ran to get a towel to staunch the flow a little bit, but it kept bleeding.


I had to hold it there for over an hour before it finally stopped, but the recently pure white towel was completely damp and stained a dark red. I opened the bathroom window and threw the towel out into the backyard. Looking at it made me sick. I looked in the mirror, my face was completely white from all the blood loss. I couldn't look at myself any longer.


I climbed back into bed again and slipped into a deep sleep, but not for long before I heard someone yelling my name...


-Louis's POV-


I shut Delilah's door and walked into the hallway to explain to Zayn.


"So... What exactly happened at the doctors?" he asked, completely clueless.


"Dude, you can't talk to her about it, she's extremely upset. Almost killed both of us on the way here," I explained.


"Upset about what?"


"The doctor diagnosed her with Anorexia and severe Bulimia," I said. His eyes opened wider and his jaw dopped.


"Oh my god. Is she gonna be okay?" he asked.


"Yeah. She has medicine and stuff, but making sure she eats and actually keeps it down is going to be a struggle."


"Is there anyway I can help?" Zayn offered.


"Not right now, but if there is I'll let ya know." I patted him on the shoulder and walked into the living room. I popped in a film to keep myself occupied while Delilah was sleeping.


Halfway through the movie , I thought I heard something in Delilah's room, but I ignored it. Probably just her moving around in her sleep.



"LOUIS, DELILAH, DINNER'S READY!" Niall shouted from downstairs.


"COMING!" I yelled back.


Zayn waltzed out of his room and almost knocked into me.


"Sorry bro," he said and continued walking down the corridor.


I opened Delilah's door to wake her up for dinner.


"Delilah, dinner's re...." I started, but my words were cut off.


Her sheets and comforter were covered in blood. It was all over her clothes. up her arms, and even on her face. Her arms...


"Delilah!" I shouted and went to wake her up. I grabbed her arms and looked at her wrists.


Completely covered, and there was still more blood coming out of them.


"What's going on..." Zayn said as he appeared around the corner. He dropped his phone and laptop onto the floor.

"Oh my god."



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