The Beach Girl & The City Boy

Mason Galburk is best friends with Jaymi Hensley from Union J and doesn't even know its him. She finds out and her world seems to change.


1. Airplane

(*A/N: Mason is a girl*)

I'm sitting in first class on an airplane going to Santa Monica. Next to my best friend's brother, George I might add. He just HAD to come with me when I said I was going alone. George doesn't know I go out there every chance I get. I'm sorta "famous" around there. There's a certain part of Santa Monica I go to though. Only people my age hang around there. We're almost like a high school. Socially. There are groups like your populars, your quiet ones, your wannabes, your sluts, your douchebags, and a whole bunch of others I can't even name.
As soon as I turned 18 a week ago, I decided that I'd move down to Santa Monica from Seattle. I just didn't belong there. I never really felt at home in my "hometown". My family thought I was crazy. My school thought I was a delinquent. The students hated me. I just didn't like it there.
I got first class by working 2 jobs for 3 weeks and it was worth it. No one sleeping on me, no one kicking my seat, and no dying inside as you see how full it is. I'm really bothered by those. It's weird.
Two girls who were about 13 or 14 came up to me. They were smiling and a little jumpy.
"May I help you?" I asked as mellow as I could. I was kinda creeped out.
"Sorry to bother you, but are you Mason Galburk?" The dark haired girl asked.
"Can we have your autograph?" The other one asked
I smiled.
"Sure. How about I take a picture with you guys too?"
"Yes!" They got a little more jumpy. The dark haired girl handed me her phone. She had a white IPhone 5. Just like me. I held the phone out and smiled. They smiled with me and I took the picture. I signed their jackets and they left. Happier than ever.
George crossed his arms trying to hold back a smile.
"Mason Nicole Galburk. I am disappointed in you." He said.
"Why? I'm taking you to Santa Monica."
"You didn't tell me you were famous."
"Locally famous. In Santa Monica."
"Don't you wanna go bigger?"
"Yeah. How?"
We were interrupted by the pilot sayings we were about to land.
"Hold my hand when we get off the plane and you'll see."
I gave him a confused look and agreed to it.
The plane landed and I slipped my hand into his as we got up to leave.
I didn't know what I was in for.
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