The Perfect Irish


1. Valentines day

It all began in the morning of February 14th, it started off like any normal school I got up and got ready, ate breakfast and left to pick up my best guy friend Niall Horan he couldnt drive so he relied on me to get him around town but I didnt mind spending time with him becasuse i held a deep secret I've had a crush on him for three yrs. now but never had the courage to tell him so for three years I’ve watched him go for girl to girl.  “ello Mags” he said as he climbed in my car “Hey Ni” I responded “What are your plans tonight” he asked causally “Nothing really maybe get some take out and watch some movies” I answered back “You could join me if you have nothing to do” “Nah Hannah and I have plans”.  He’d been dating Hannah for about 6 months I hated her she treats Niall like a child always telling him what to do,  she was also cheating on him with his friend Zayn who just happens to be dating Niallls twin Perrie.  “I’ll see you at lunch Ni” I said while walking towards my other best friends Alex and Frankie.  I looked back and there was Niall and Hannah arguing he looked at me with this sad puppy dog look as to say “Save me” I returned a sympathetic look I felt bad for him in that moment I had wish that I could steal him but I knew how much Hannah hated me always accusing me of trying to steal Niall from her which was true but I’d never tell her that ”Hey Mags did you hear me” Alex interrupted my train of thought “Huh? Sorry what’d you say” “There’s a party at Louis and Harry’s tonight are you going” Frankie repeated “Nah their parties always get out of control plus I think they still hate me after the last one” I chuckled remembering that I “accidentally” broke their moms’ expensive vase while doing backflips for their cousin Liam, they got grounded for a month and had to find a way to pay for it.  My first two classes dragged on I hated gym and Comp. tech I was lucky Niall and I had lunch together Hannah had it the period before us so I got to hear all the juicy deets about the current Niall/Hannah drama as lunch approached I received a text from niall

From Nialler “can we go to Nans for lunch?”

From Mag “Yeah, what’s going on between you two?”

From Nialler “She pissed that I didn’t buy her anything for V-day”

From Mag “Your taking her to dinner isn’t that enough”

From NIaller “nope she wants diamond earrings like the ones Z got Per”

From mag “ WTF!?!? Z worked for months to get those earrings where are you going to get the money for that”

From Nialler “ill pull the money out my butt lol J

From Mag “G2G see you at lunch”

Once the bell rang I booked it to my locker for my jacket and Alex for lunch Frankie had a project to finish so she asked us to pick her up something.  Niall was already at my car when Alex and I arrived he looked like he’d been crying I went for a hug but he just stood there like a statue I didn’t understand till he showed me a Facebook message


I can’t believe you didn’t get me anything for v day,  your such a losey bf Zayn at least got something for Perrie and he’s cheating on her god I wish we never started dating.  As I read this I wanted to punch her was such a stuck up tramp who expected everyone to kiss the ground she walked on. 

“What are you gonna do?” Alex asked Niall as we climb into the car.  Secretly I was happy they we’re fighting “I don’t know, I guess I’ll break up with her” he said while looking out the window I tried to keep the smile from spreading across my face, we talked about it right through about how he was gonna break up with her, he wanted to do it via text but Alex and I convinced him not to that’s the cowards way out.  He decides to do it when we got back from lunch.  When we got back there was Hannah by my spot waiting for Niall I really didn’t want to see her, Niall jumped out of the car and stormed right up to her “Niall I’m sorry I didn’t mean what I wrote” she wrapped her arms around him, he pushed her off “Hannah we’re done what you did and wrote made me realized you’re not the one for me” I was proud him for standing up for himself she ran off crying I couldn’t help but laugh. I felt bad for Niall he was such a great gut and I knew loads of girls who want to be with him starting with me I guess he read my mind “Hey Mag, Alex we should go for dinner I still have those reservation at milestones” he said while we headed back into the school Alex replied “I have plans tonight sorry” “Well Mag what do you say?” he looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes I couldn’t get the words out so I just nodded.  I think Alex could tell I was nervous she has known about the crush for about a year now she quietly texted Frankie and told her what had just happened and Frankie text me.

From Franks “Shopping trip after school”

From mags “Yea I guess”

From Al “We’re gonna make you look SO DAMN HOTT”

From Mags “Cool please don’t go over board

From Al and Franks “Ok promise”

I walked out of the school doors with Frankie and Alex we met up with Niall who was waiting at my car “NI we’re dropping you off at home” Frankie shouted at him, he looked so confused “I thought we were gonna study, Mag” “the girls wanna get me something for tonight” I quickly said blushing, he too blushed Frankie and Alex laughed.

At the mall we went through every store until we found the perfect dress a red strapless that that fit perfectly on top and flowed out at the waist Franks found the perfect white heels. We get Medi/Pedi’s they came home with me to do my hair and make-up.  Frankie curled the bottom of my hair and braided the side together so it looks like a crown and Al did my make-up she made my eyes pop green on my eye lid and very little mascara and eyeliner I looked good, i received a message from Niall

From Nialler “I’ll be there about 7 reservation is at 8”

We finished just in time I waited for niall in my hallway,  I was so nervous I had major butterflies in my stomach.  Niall pulled into my driveway “I didn’t know you could drive” I said with a bit of curiousity  “Yea I got my full license last week I was going to surprise you tomorrow morning by picking you up for school”  his dad let him borrow the car,  he dropped Frankie and Alex off at Louis and Harry’s party then we went straight to the restaurant he was such  a gentlemen he opened all the doors and pulled out my seat,  I see why he had all the girls falling for him all the time.  He had reserved a private booth in the quietest corner there were rose petals everywhere and lit candles there were a dozen roses I’m guessing they were for Hannah we sat down and Niall had pre-ordered dinner for him and Hannah but I ate the dinner anyways.  We sat there for what seemed like hours just talking about everything even the break up that took 9 hrs. previously to this dinner “I had loads of fun tonight Ni” I said as we enjoyed the chocolate lava cake “I’m glad it was you that came on the date ,  Hannah would have just complained” he said with a chuckled “I’m sorry she isn’t here I’ll call her and get her down here” I said jokingly back then he grabbed my hand which sent a little shock through my body I think he notice my nervousness “let’s get out of here” he suggested he got the bill and we left.  He drove us down to the lake front it was a clear night so the stars were brighter than usual I started to get cold so he offered me his jacket which I declined it but he put it around my shoulders and intertwined our fingers I didn’t know if he was doing this for comfort or if he had the same feelings I had, I was afraid to ask but I built up the courage just to ask “Ni, I thank you for tonight it was lovely but why me? I mean there are a ton of girls who could be here why did you ask me?  I looked at him and he looked confused “Mags your my best friend if I can’t spend it with a girlfriend then I’ll spend it with my best friend”  my heart sank a bit I now knew he only saw me as a friend “oh” I whispered he heard the hurt in my voice and quickly stopped at the spot we had met 10 years before “Mag this may come to you as a shock but I’ve had this feeling you had feelings for me for some time now and this afternoon when you got quiet when I asked you to dinner confirmed it” I was thankful it was dark I could feel the blush creeping into my cheeks “I’ve liked you for some time now but always thought you saw me as a friend”  he gave me his nervous smile and started leaning in I’ve been kissed loads of times but this was FREAKING NIALL HORAN the boy I’ve been in love with for three years I closed my eyes and followed suit,  just before our lips were about to meet for the first time I was interrupted by my alarm clock I then realized it was all just a dream.

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