With Your Love Anything Is Possible

Hey entering this short story 2 da 1Shot41D <3 pleaze vote,comment,favorite,lyk :) thanks in advance...:D hope u enjoy da story...


1. I found Love

Nd here it is Directioners,the new hit single of One Direction...KISS YOU!!! I screamed nd jumped full of joy finally been waiting all day for dis moment.As the song began 2 fade i noticed i was still at da park...Opps people were staring at me...Creeps, I thought 2 myself haven't they heard people sing before.I began 2 walk towards mi casa ;) and then i saw it the best thing in my life.............a PUDDLE!! yes water :D i was about 2 jump right into it checking for any cars since it wuz right in the curb No nothing just as i was gunna jump in bang a car came out of no where nd right at me! :o ahhh!!i got onto the sidewalk in time thank god im okay but i soon realized i was soaking :( The car had stopped a little ahead and out came the guy of my dreams He just stood there looking at me and not saying anything. I was getting really angry and frustrated. What is wrong with him? Does he have hearing problems? Hello? Hello!!!! Does he have a mental disease to? After a few seconds he snapped back into reality. Huh? Oh i'm sorry I just got stuck in your beautiful eyes..... I blushed. "That doesn't cut it! You wet me! i'm soaking wet! And I was going to jump in that puddle!!!He chuckled.I'm sorry i'm very sorry I didn't know where i was going. Here take my jacket. He put his jacket over me. It was still warm and had the scent of him in it. It smelled great. Maybe we can settle this over lunch? Lunch is he asking me to go somewhere with him? Sure... Today? or when? He gave me a bright smile and then said,How about on thursday at the smoothie shack, we grab a smoothie and go to lunch where ever you want? Sounds great to me! Well I shall see you on thursday then!As he drove by I realized I didn't ask his name! Oh no! I guess i'll have to ask him on friday. I have 2 days to wait ugh!
~2 days later.... Yay finally it wuz Thursday :) gunna go 2 my date wait.what?! Did I actually tell my mom dat? She just seemed so excited since it wuz valentines day nd I had a date...I smiled remembering wen I had first seen him...2 days ago? Wow it feels like yesturday but I couldn't wait 2 see him again.He made my heart race he was like my kryptonite ;) I suddenly snapped back wut am I thinking? I'm in love with him nd don't even know his name let alone if he loves me back :(........I finally arrived 2 da smoothies shack nd noticed there were ballons nd couples everywhere ughh it made me feel lonlier :'( I entered da shack nd noticed him waiting impatiently.He saw me nd we starred at eachothers eyes I couldn't help but notice he had brought rose aww he handed them 2 me nd without warning gave me a hug nd whispered into my ear You look beatiful I blushed umm thanks..u look good I mentally slapped myself I cereal?! He looked gorgeous!! he chuckled nd thanked me :o had he heard me?! How embarrasing... We finally sat down nd I finally askedd him for his name even though I had my doubts he looked lyk a celebrity! Zayn Malik :o ahhhhhh OMG!!! No way ;D dis is a dream I tried 2 remain calm but the words just slipped out I LOVE YOU!!! and I reached towards him nd gave him a hug c: he smiled nd said something ill always remember ...Even though I barely know u I have a good feeling about this..Us :) nd I LOVE YOU 2 !! :) he grabbed my face nd looked we looked straight into eachothers eyes "Brenda I'm in love with you and all your little things:nd he pulled me into a kiss....... *cue da fireworks....I knew it wuz da start of something beatiful! THE END!!!
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