My Worst Enemy Is My Love

A girl named Abby Penzer from Australia moved to the U.K when she was 9. Ever since then she hated a boy named Liam Payne, it was one of those situations that you hated someone for no reason. She got through it with help from her best friend Niall Horan. But when she is paired with Liam for the biggest project of her life everythinng she has ever worked for crashes and burns.


7. Perfect

Niall's POV

I woke up to Abby's beautiful face. She looked so peaceful when she slept. So innocent, clam, kissable. An urge of lust rushed over my body like a bitter cold on a winter day. I knew I had to control myself because what I wanted was not what she wanted. She said one that we would take that step but not that day. I knew that she would be uncomfortable knowing her best friend and boyfriend wanted this from her. Of course I wasn't going to mention anything because I didn't want us to be awkward around each other. But I don't know if I could control myself much longer. Now I know the saying of keep it in your pants. It was going to be so hard but for her I would wait a lifetime. I know it sounded cheesy but it was true I would never leave her.

Nobody's POV

As Abby was in a deep sleep dreaming of her future life with Niall, he was trying to control his teenage urges for his love of his life. He understood it would be hard for him to do but he would try his hardest to accommodate her and her wishes. They always love each other but in a friendly way, now they loved each other with a passion that they never knew anyone could even posses. It was so empowering it overwhelmed both of them completely. It was a feeling that was weird to feel for the first time, it was a warm fuzzy and tingly feeling inside yet it was something to get used to. They didn't know it yet but the feeling was true love. True love isn't something you can exactly get over, it will always be in your mind when you kiss someone or you embrace them. At the moment they were fine with knowing they with love each other forever. But was forever going to happen?

Abby's POV

I felt Niall stating at me I didn't open my eyes though. I liked the feeling of knowing he could entertain himself just by looking at me. It made me feel loved. Niall was everything I could ever ask for and more. He was adorable with his accent and his hair is equally admirable. His eyes are like oceans begging to be swam in, his smile is a bit messed up but he had braces and I think that is adorable. Everything about him gave me a feeling that swept over me instantly when I saw him.

I didn't know what the feeling was exactly. I know it's not love because I have felt it the past couple of years towards Niall. It was almost too overwhelming for me. I'm sure Niall knew hat it was but I definatly wasn't going to ask, it would be too weird. What would I say? ' oh hey Niall i have this weird feeling that I have when I'm around you I don't know what it is but ya know whatever?!' No! That's not happening. I am too confused to think about it, I will just look up the symptoms online later. I decided to move around a bit and groan to make him think I just woke up. " Good morning beautiful!" He said as he crashed his lips onto mine. I could tell he was just dying to kiss me, and for someone I was dying to kiss him. Not like the way I have for the past few years, just wanting to be able to call him mine. But with a sort of lust, I didn't like it though. He and I were both aware with my feeling about 'it'. He knew I was saving myself and that's what I plan on doing. But the more time I spend with him, the more I want to just..... Just I don't know what but it was like the unexplained feeling I had earlier.

I kissed him back harder than be did in the first. At first he was taken aback then he embraced it and matched the passion. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer. It seems as the little innocent Irish boy wasn't so innocent after all. His touch gave me goosebumps that shot all throughout my body. I was comfortable with him, I felt as if nothing could ever hurt me.

Niall's POV

I kissed she irresistible lips as she looked into my eyes. At first she was shocked, but then her lips moved with mine as one. She was just so damn perfect. Her eyes hair body lips voice giggle just everything made me want her more and more. She kissed me back harder and deepened the kiss. Then something I never thought would happen happened. She swung over and sat on top of me and put her legs in both sides of me keeping me in place. She bent back over and kissed me as she pulled up and my lips followed her. I was now sitting up as she sat on my lap facing me. She pulled back for breath and dove back in. She almost knocked me over but I managed to stay in place as I put my hands in her hair. She really knew how to kiss she was a natural actually. I know she was never kissed many guys, she never really trusted any guy enough. I guess I was the guy we would trust and that made me happy. She pulled her head away and put her hands in my tangled hair and forced my head on her neck. Not that I minded or anything. Ya know teenage boys really like necks. I kissed her neck and licked it leaving it wet. She moaned slightly and tightened her legs grip on my wait forcing us to be closer together. Almost molded together. I loved her touch, it made me get goosebumps all over my body. And the she did another unexplainable thing I never thought she would do. She leaned down and bit my ear and whispered seductivly " I want you now Niall" as she bent lower to lick my neck. I was in complete shock when she said it. " Are you sure Abby?" I whispered. I didn't want to take advantage of her at all. To make her uncomfortable was the last thing I ever wanted to do.

Abby's POV

I didn't know what came over me but I swung on Niall's lap and had him kiss my neck. The fear of doing 'it' with Niall virtually disappeared. I instantly didn't care what my mom said about it. It was my life and I could live it the way I want. I wanted Niall so bad, and I am positive he wants me too. I leaned down into his ear and told him that I wanted him. He looked shocked and said " Are you sure?". I could tell he was taken a back by the news. I shook my head up and down and bit my lip as I took my finger and pressed it on his chest, pushing him down making him lay down on my mattress. My mom was gone to ministry and my brother went to a friends house so I know that no one would hear or see us. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt with my teeth and he let a slight moan escape his mouth. I threw the shirt on my floor as I adjusted myself on top of him. I pulled my shirt up over my head exposing my bra. He put his hands on my back and pushed down so my naked torso would touch his. He lowered his kisses and started to kiss my chest and I unbuttoned my pants as I did the same for him. I always fel insecure about myself but now I didn't I was fine with Niall seeing me like this. I reached over to shut my blinds so no one could see us. He pulled the blanket up over us and we did 'it' ( you have an imagination right?)
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