My Worst Enemy Is My Love

A girl named Abby Penzer from Australia moved to the U.K when she was 9. Ever since then she hated a boy named Liam Payne, it was one of those situations that you hated someone for no reason. She got through it with help from her best friend Niall Horan. But when she is paired with Liam for the biggest project of her life everythinng she has ever worked for crashes and burns.


8. Nothing could seperate us

Nobody's POV

After that, interesting encounter between Abby and Niall the spent the rest of the day together cuddling and watching tv. They were so peaceful and the talked about everything. About how long they have liked each other but was too shy to say anything. About how they tried to make each other jealous by going out with other people, small silly little things that would make some one else think it was small, but to them it meant everything. It meant no secrets, it meant no lies, it meant the world.

Abby's POV

After my first time I was hurting so bad. My legs were weak and it hurt to stand. I was going to have to get over it because I had school tomorrow but ya know, I could always skip. Niall always got mad when I skipped and said ' For everyday you skip, it's a day you won't get a Horan Hug!' Horan hugs are kinda his thing. His hugs were amazing, he nuzzled his head in your neck and squished him self against you. They are pretty great. I always got butterflies when he gave me one because I just wanted to kiss him uncontrollably. But now I could.

"Niall." I said like a little girl. " What love?" He asked. "Well, um I want you to hug me." I said shyly, I honestly thought he thought I was insane. " Umm may I ask why?" He asked. " you will see." I said smoothly as he began to hug me. I wrapped my arms around him and slowly began to kiss him. He raised his head from the corner of my neck and looked at me for a while. " You look so beautiful" he said. " I'm not really" I said blushing. I had so many flaws. My hair is frizzy, I don't talk the most proper, i have a scar on my arm, I have thunder thighs, I'm short, I have oily skin ( but no pimples!), I was a hot mess but Niall seemed to love my flaws. He embraced them like they were perfections. " Yes you are " he said matter-of-factly he went on to say " your hair is like silk to me, your scar is a mark of shear beauty, your voice is like heavens way to get through to the world, your height is adorable, your body is absolutely perfect may I add, and I will love those things until I die Abby." He said. "Really?" I asked. "Really" he repeated.

My eyes started to wel up and look puffy. "What's wrong Abby? Did I say something wrong?" He said wryly. " Niall, that was the single most nicest sweetest loving thing any one on this plant had ever said to me." I said as I wept into his bare chest. " Did you mean all those things you said to me?" I asked. " Every single word." He said as he caressed my back and drew hearts into it and the slowly disappeared from view. He concentrated on my eyes and said " I love you Abby". " I love you too Niall." I said, this was one thing I was sure about in my life. I was never sure about my social life, family, grades anything. This was the only thing I am sure of in my life.

Niall James Horan is the love of my life and I am 100% sue of it. He kissed me on the fore head and I rested my body close to his. He hands are warm and his body matched the heat. I felt so close to him, like we were glued together and nothing could ever separate us.
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