My Worst Enemy Is My Love

A girl named Abby Penzer from Australia moved to the U.K when she was 9. Ever since then she hated a boy named Liam Payne, it was one of those situations that you hated someone for no reason. She got through it with help from her best friend Niall Horan. But when she is paired with Liam for the biggest project of her life everythinng she has ever worked for crashes and burns.


9. Feelings/ lunch


Niall's POV

I hope things won't get awkward between Abby and I, that would suck. I think that I will just go up to her and talk to her and get it over with so she won't think that there is any tension between us. I am so nervous, I don't know why though. I mean we both agreed to it, but it was her first time and she probably feels weird. Now I feel bad, oh god what did I do. Me for a first time isn't really the best option. Great I stole her innocence and that was something you could never give back. I was confused, I mean she said she wanted to but maybe she was caught up in the moment. I don't know but I feel like I took advantage of her. I feel absolutely horrible.

Abby's POV

This morning I woke up and I hurt so bad. Niall said it would, but I didn't know it would hurt that bad. I would just take an aspirin and I will live. Once I got to school I walked up to Niall and he looked sad.

" What's wrong Niall?" I asked.
" Nothing...." He said with as he trailed off.
" Stop lieing to me!" I ordered.
" Well, I feel bad about , ya know. I just feel like I took advantage of you, and I feel horrible about it." He said.
" Niall, don't feel bad. I told you I wanted to, and you asked like a million times before if I was sure." I said to him. I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
" Ok" he said " So how are we supposed to tell people that we are dating?" He asked.
" I don't know, just say we are dating at lunch." I said. " Ok" we said in unison.

We walked hand in hand to class, apparently people noticed because when I got to class people were hounding me with questions. It was really getting annoying, I mean a question or two is fine but the whole senior class asking is horrible. The worst was Liam , Harry, and Louis. They annoyed me all day about it, I just ignored them until lunch. I have a plan....


I found Niall and held hands with him and sat down. Everyone immediately started asking questions again. I decided to start my plan. " EVERY ONE IN SENIOR YEAR!" I yelled. " YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING QUESTIONS ALL DAY ABOUT NIALL AND I, AND WE HAVEN'T TOLD YOU ANYTHING. WE DECIDE TO TELL YOU NOW" I yelled so everyone could here me. " What?" Niall whispered. " come here" I whispered back. I pulled a chair up to the table and stood on it and then stood on the table. I pulled Niall up on the table with me and said " This is our answer!" I said.

I put my hands in his hair and pulled him towards me. I kissed him with full intent to make people go " ohhhhhh". It worked. We ended up making out on the table, until the principle tore us apart. " What on earth is wrong with you two!?!" She asked as she lead us into her office. I shrugged my shoulders and Niall didn't do anything because he was still in shock. " Look this is my fault, you can ask everyone. Niall had no idea what was going on, it was all me." I said. I didn't want him to get in trouble for something he didn't even know was going to happen.

" Ok, Horan go to class, Penzer stay." Niall kissed me on the forehead and left. " Abby, you have broken several school rules, maybe even a law or two. However, I know this isn't like you. You have never even stepped in foot in here unless you are getting some sort if award. What happened?" She asked. She stared at me for a while before I said anything. " I don't know to be honest. I was tired of people asking questions about me and Niall, so I guess that would answer all of them." I said plainly. " This is your one and final warning Abby, anything else like this and you are in major trouble. I won't call your mother either." She said. She motioned me out of the door. " hurry up, get to class." She said.

YESSS! I thought to myself. I got away with it. No trouble for me or Niall. This is awesome!! It turns out I was in there for a while and everyone else was getting ready to leave. I fin lay found Niall and I told him what happened. " Really?" He asked. " Yup!" I said " She gave me a warning and that was it" I said happily. I kissed him again and it got cut short because of Harry. Harry Styles to be exact. " Did little Abby Wabby get in twoble?" He asked in a little kid voice . " No I didn't actually, she let me go. The didn't do anything" I said matter-of-factly. " Now go hang out with your little friends. Run along!" I said. He of course was shocked. He just turned around and walked away.
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