My Worst Enemy Is My Love

A girl named Abby Penzer from Australia moved to the U.K when she was 9. Ever since then she hated a boy named Liam Payne, it was one of those situations that you hated someone for no reason. She got through it with help from her best friend Niall Horan. But when she is paired with Liam for the biggest project of her life everythinng she has ever worked for crashes and burns.


1. First Day

Warning, this fan fic is set up in her point of view at all times. just saying......... anyway  please dont hate because i love you like liam with a benie on top! any way the story right, i should be getting to that.

August 3, 2012

I'm all ready for my first day to school. Well it really isn't my first day, I mean I've gone there since I was 9 but it's more like my first day for a new school year. Wait am I really arguing with myself? Oh god I need help. No wait, stop Abby you are confusing yourself, I  thought. As you could tell I'm not best apple of the bushel. Think about good things Abby, I said out loud causing my brother Jason to look at me like I was completely and totally crazy. He is younger than me, he is a sophomore as to me being a senior I obviously had seniority over him. I rushed to the bathroom to try and sort out my hair. I had horrible curly hair, it is red-gold and frizzy at the moment. I brushed it out and put relaxer into it so I would have it at least manageable today. I decided to let it go curly and I would put a head-band with a white bow on it in my hair. I did my make-up like usual. Sparkly eye-shadow, winged eye liner with mascara, foundation and blush. I must admit I looked pretty good, I just hope it would stay. I went into my closet and pulled on a white Hollister shirt and skinny jeans, white vans and a golden necklace that I always wore. It was my signature look I guess, The golden necklace my dad gave me before he died. It was shaped as a heart with little bitty diamonds to one side of it. Like the ones you see in the Zales commercials. I got my usual breakfast, nothing. I didn't eat in the mornings, I never have and don't really think it is necessary. I drank some tea my mom made and headed to my car. A Chrysler 4 by 4 truck, it was my dream. I am a bit of a country girl you could say. But then again it had a pink paint job, so I guess you really couldn't call me a country girl. I drove to the school and parked. I instantly called my best friend Niall. ring ring ring ring. I really hated the annoying tone of the rings. " Hey Abby were are you?" he said in his adorable Irish accent. We had been friends since I moved here. We were both students coming from a different country, so I guess we could relate to each other. We told each other everything. Our problems at school, at home and every other thing that bothered each other. He could understand me better than anyone I ever knew. " I just got here, I'm in the parking lot." I answered quickly. I hoped that he would just instantly pop in front of me so I could walk in those big glass school doors with him. Amazingly that is exactly what happened. " ABBS!" I heard a familiar accented voice yell. " NIALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled not even having to turn around to know it was him. I gave him a big bear hug and toseled his blonde mini quiff. " Ahhhh not the hair!" as he put his hands up in a playful surrender. We laughed and walked into the building. I opened my locker and got my stuff for Language arts with Mr.Elkhert, my first period of the day.

Niall and I talked until the bell. He went to his classes and I went to mine. Oh great, I thought to myself  Liam Payne, my worst enemy was in my first period. I decided to shake it off and walk by him with insane fake confidence I  knew that I would never posses even of I tried. Hey if you can live it, fake it until you are living it! I do admit I am one of the how you may say "Popular" people. I have been classified as a whore before, but that was long ago and I do not plan to go back. As I passed by Liam and his posse of douche bag friends Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. One of them whistled at me. I automatically knew it was Harry, he was the one always trying to find a new ways to get on some innocent girls pants and never talk to them again. " Keep it in your pants, Styles." I said as I sat down. I didn't even bother to make eye contact with him. To be completely honest he doesn't deserve eye contact. " Aren't we fistety?" He said trying to shake it off like he was the superior in the conversation  Well frankly that wasn't just going to happen.  " Yes, yes we are Styles." I said with a smirk. " Whatever.." He said as he knew he had been defeated. He tried to look as cool as possible as he leaned on the wall with one foot crossed over the other. Point one Penzer Point zero Styles. I got out my assignment book and wrote my assignments down for the day. We had no homework, but that day we discussed what we will be doing tomorrow, we are going to start a report over the Silk Road in Europe and Asia. More of a social studies topic if you ask me but ya know, whatever. 

We got out of class when the bell rang three times. ding ding ding. Me and Niall told each other about our assignments in the other classes so we would be prepared for the first day of being a senior. wow. Seniors in high school  life really flew by. I thought about the stupid things I could of took back over the years, but ya know, too late now no point dwelling on it. Next period was Science with Mrs.Heck. I walked into the classroom and my attention was immediately drawn to a new student. We was tan and had a perfectly chiseled face. He has a full quiff with a streak of blonde in his deep chocolate hair. He was tall and built, he was seriously hot. I needed to know his name. The bell rang and Mrs.Heck was pulling up a seating chart on the interactive white board. I sat next to a guy named Zayn Malik. Hum sounded foreign, but I liked it. I sat down and realized Zayn was that hot chiseled guy I was admiring from across the room earlier. I just love how the universe is amazing to you sometimes. " So," I said " Zayn is it?". " Yeah" He said shyly. " Hey, hey,hey don't be shy, it may be your first day but it's also your first impression. So make a good one on me." I said smiling  I smiled because I knew guys love my smile. It's so white and it looks even better with my red lipstick colored on my lips. " Wow, that was, um deep I guess. And yeah my name is Zayn, Zayn Malik. And yours would be?" He said. Well at least I know my smile move is still going strong. " Abby, Abby Penzer." I said. He started to laugh. " What is so funny?" I asked pretending to be hurt.". " Nothing, well your Australian accent is probably the cutest thing I have heard in my life." He said playfully. " Oh well Zayn you can listen to my accent anytime." I said smiling. " Mr. Malik, Mrs.Penzer, do you mind to join us in the conversation?" He asked. I nodded my head. She went on with the lesson while Zayn and I whispered to each other and told us about each other. we exchanged numbers before class ended. Two classes down, Five to go. Next I went to Biology with Mr. Windhoppel. There are some weird last names out there. I of course wasn't so lucky his period when I was sat next to Mr.Know-It-All none other than Liam Payne himself. He told us about a project we would start first thing tomorrow  He said he was going to go ahead and give us our partners. "Now, these were picked by random this morning and I went ahead and sat you together to avoid wasting time discussing the project. Oh noooooooooooooo!! Not Liam Payne. " You have to be kidding me right?" I asked. " Absoulutly not Mrs.Penzer." He said. " Oh great! Just perfect I said under my breath, but loud enough for Liam to hear how disgusted I was just even sitting next to me." He sweet cheeks  I know we hate each other but lets try and get through this project without murder." He said laughing . I hated him so much. And then getting partnered with this man whore for the next month for a project worth half of our final grade. My life was going to be a living hell for the next couple weeks and all I could do was live with it. I finnaly got over the day without killing someone. 

Ni Ni ( Niall's number in Abbeys phone)- Hey do you want to hang out after school?:)

Me- Yea! my flat bring some junk food i need to die:(

Ni Ni- Why babe:'(

Me- long story, I'll explain when you get here.

*~End phone conversation~*


Hey guys please tell me what you think and what you would think would be good for the next chapeter! Love u guys




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