Back for you

Last sping break Chloe went to go visit her parents in England, and met this amazing boy, Harry Styles. They fell in love, but Chloe had to leave when break was over to return to home. Will they find each other again?


1. Coming Back

   Chloe was rushing to find everything she needed for vacation to England to see her parents for spring break. She had 30 minutes until the plane left and she couldnt find her plane tickets!! She searched everywhere! Clothes were flying, and she finally found her tickets under her dresser with 20 minutes to spare. She grabbed her coat, bags and keys and rushed to her car.

   Chloe was so excited to see her parents again after last year. She missed them so much. But she really missed Harry, her love. She knew that she wouldn't see him again after what happend last year. She had to leave him to go back home for college, and he was crushed. They fell in love and when she told him that she had to leave, he was so hurt.

   Anyways, Chloe shoved her key into ignition and the car started. She was on her way. She was speeding down the highway to get to the airport. She couldn't miss the flight! The airport was close to her house, but she was still so worried. She finally got to the airport, and started running inside. She quickly went to bag check and security check and raced to where her plane was.

   She got there just in time. They were just letting people in when she got there. She suddenly felt so relieved. She handed the attendant her ticket, and walked to her seat. She shoved her bag in, and sat down with a THUMP. She closed her eyes and relaxed. All of the sudden the speakers came on startling Chloe, saying "Thank you for chosing American Airlines, have a good flight".

    Chloe was about to close her eyes again, when the person next to her started talking to her. She didnt really want to talk, but she did anyways. She looked over and said hello. She was startled to see a woman with her baby. She seemed really nice until the baby started crying. This was going to be a looooong flight.


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