Warm Blood

[PG-13] CONTAINS ZOMBIE VIOLENCE Zombie apocalypse? Felix's life is a mess thanks to the very virus that brought the dead back to life. But how will it all turn out? Will he survive? Will the cure even be found?


3. Ready Or Not

         I nestled into my seat and stared out the window. I gaze at all the people clogging up the plane. Security guards were swarming everywhere. The last zombie mob was a killer. About 40 zombies swarmed around a butcher shop and weren't leaving, eventually the zombies got in. The butcher and two of his employees came at them with butcher knives. The butcher hewed about eight zombies before they overcame him. The two employees were still fighting when the police came. One of the employee's arm had been infected and need to be amputated, or else he would be infected. The other employee died about ten minutes later due to a heart attack, caused by too much fear and shock.

           When I first heard of this I was disgusted but angry. Suddenly, people were being gored all over. Life was leaving Earth. The living dead were only multiplying, and uniting . While the humans were at war with one another. I mean really! China versus Russia. America versus Europe. Turkey versus Egypt. And Japan on economic collapse! Humans didn't get this. I was one of the only guys who understood that humans were on the brink of annihilation.

       I sighed and adjusted myself to the seat. I quickly checked my Blackberry. I got fourteen messages. I only cared about five of them, the rest were just worried teachers and warnings from the government. The first was from Shayla, it said:

Hey Felix! omg did you hear about the outbreak? isnt that bad? btw are you going to india too?? :'(

I miss you

Shayla <3

         I stared at the message for a few moments reading the text, then pressed the Delete button. I read the next one, which was from Alex, his real name was Yujishi, he was from Japan; when his parent's restraunt ran out of business he moved here. He had black hair, kept tidy. Always swept to one side. It was shoulder's length. He eyes were dark brown. He stood two meters tall, an imposing figure. At first glance, he would look older than he appeared to be. He was of muscular build. His eyes were as piercing as needles. Why he chose the nickname Alex, I do not know. I was pretty sure he had been a all A student, but he had become hysterical when his mom died due to food poisoning, right now he's probably in a straight-jacket crying his eyes out. I did pity him, until he tried to scratch my eyes out. Moving on, the message:


I know you probubly hate me, but my therapest allowed me to tect my freinds. So i wanted to say hi and goud luck budy. i am sorry i don't speel good. i cut off my thumbb and my middsle fingre. i knwo you are goingg to INdia so gud luk.



              What was wrong with the guy? Cutting of his thumb and middle finger? I felt a sick feeling crawl in my stomach as I thought about it more. Then once everybody was settled into the plane I had to turn off my Blackberry. As I slipped the phone into my pocket I stuck my head out into the walkway and searched for Shayla. Finally my eyes rested upon her hair bobbing in and out of view. I clucked my tongue loudly, disturbing the person next to me. Shayla's head shifted and twirled around, seeing me a smile spread across her face. I winked at her and held up my Blackberry to show her. I'm pretty sure she understood that I had read the text she had sent me. I settled into my chair and nestled into a comfortable position. I contently closed my eyes and tried to get long slumber before arriving in India.

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