Warm Blood

[PG-13] CONTAINS ZOMBIE VIOLENCE Zombie apocalypse? Felix's life is a mess thanks to the very virus that brought the dead back to life. But how will it all turn out? Will he survive? Will the cure even be found?


2. Life Ain't Fair

               The airport was bustling with people. People shoving and pushing like their life depended on it, which I guess is true. I scanned the crowd for familiar faces. I saw two. One was Belinda Hera Short, with blue eyes also scanning the crowd. Her hair was also short, up to her ears, her left ear was pierced, which I found a bit disgusting. She was a tall 6 foot 1 inch girl, despite her last name. She didn't show any sign of recognition when she laid her eyes on me. We were not friends, she was just someone who I sat with during lunch; we had to sit in a certain seat every day. So my eyes rested on the other face.

Shayla. She's been my girlfriend for 4 months now. Great, so romantic, we were in a zombie world now, nothing was romantic. We caught each others' gaze. Shayla has blond hair tumbling to her waist, I guess she didn't feel the need to cut it. She had cute blue eyes, soft as silk. With perfectly white porcelain skin. She was dressed in tight blue skinny jeans such as my self. She wore a white shirt with no decoration.

Felix, Shayla mouthed urgently to me. My dad nodded at me, letting me go to her. I paced my way over to her. As soon as she was close enough she embraced me.

"Felix, I'm scared." Shayla whispered after a brief moment of silence.

"It'll be okay." I said, stroking her hair lovingly. Though we both knew the worst was yet to come.

I kissed her cheek.

"What number did you get on your flight ticket?" I asked.

" A-7, are you close to me?" She asked, her cute eyes staring into mine.

"Kinda, I'm A-3. Not too far,huh? What can I saw? I'm hot stuff." I joked. Shayla gave a watery chuckle, then took a deep breath and composed herself.

"Okay see you." I say, seeing my parents beckoning for me to go to them. I pace away glumly. I wanted a few more minutes with Shayla, but ya know what? Life ain't fair.


          We walked past the metal detectors with no problem, even though I secretly bought a plastic Sig Sauer. Trust me, it wasn't a toy. I had ranging practice with it; it was a killer weapon for sure. And yeah, it works. Most of the gun was hardened plastic. The bullets were made of some rock that was about as hard as an ordinary bullet. Don't be all,"Felix, don't become a terrorist!" Because honestly, it gets annoying. With all the zombies, I was keeping safe.

        Think of it this way. We have a president who likes gun control. Take away the guns, and take away our safety. But if we're armed, we're safe. Now about 1 million people in the USA have guns. Shocker, I'm one of them. I hunched my shoulders and trudged up on the stairs leading to the plane. My parents followed my lead. I saw Shayla a ways back but I didn't want to crowd up the stairs, plus I would see her on the plane.


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