Warm Blood

[PG-13] CONTAINS ZOMBIE VIOLENCE Zombie apocalypse? Felix's life is a mess thanks to the very virus that brought the dead back to life. But how will it all turn out? Will he survive? Will the cure even be found?


1. Scared

           Scared. That's how I first felt when I heard about it. My ears ringing after the words "zombies" and "it's spreading". My dad brought the news first. Then my mom with details. A zombie apocalypse. A new threat to man kind....

          "Let's go,Felix!" my mom called out to me. I squinted open my eyes. my head throbbing. I yawned and slowly got out of bed, feeling quite unhappy. We had to move to India today. Our flight was in 1 hour and we had to be ready, my dad had said. It was a drafty day, we had to wake up at 5 o' clock. And we had to be at the airport at 6 o' clock. Not my idea of fun. But when it's the zombie apocalypse things were different. I had shaved myself to have short hair, as did my mom and dad. We wore tight clothes. We always locked the front door. And we now needed a passcode to enter the house. Life had definitely changed for the worse.

       As soon as I had shaved my stubble I changed out of my pajamas and into my navy blue skinny jeans and aviator's jacket. I had had my aviator's jacket since I was 15. I was now 17, nearing manhood. I went downstairs and greeted my parents.

"Hey Felix, you packed up all your belongings in your suitcase,right? Because theres no turning back now." my dad sighed.

"I did, dad. I double checked," I announced ,"I'm ready to go."

"Well then, let's get moving." my mom said tearily

"Yeah, let's." I said, yawning.


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