Swept Away


1. Truth Revealed

I walked down he side of the old dirt road inthe pouring rain,but it didn't phase me.Aboutnow I'm sure nothing on the face of the earth but one thig would,my hour old EX.But I didn't think he would have enough guts to talk to me after what he had done. Yet my phone went off,and it read I'm sorry please take me back I don't know what I did??!!!I was so angry that I almost threw mybrand new IPhone5 down on the hard dirt and wet mud. But I caught my self and hastily replied "you know what you did you jerk and for the eighteenth time LOOSE MY NUMBER!!!!"
He didn't reply after that. And I turned of of the dirt road/trail and entered the park. I started walking and I bumped into a body that was a slight bit bigger then my 5'5"frame and my normal build. The hand reached down in a gesture to help me up I took it and stood up while brushing myself of I mumbled"I'm sorry I should have lo........."then a voice cut off mine and in a deep yet childish boy tone"it's fine it's my fault you were here first" I still mumbled a embarrassing ok.
"My names Louis by the way,"he paused a second"Louis Tomlinson"
My eyes widened a bit,I calmed down I looked up and said"My name is Carly Krueger"
"Very nice to meet you"he said in his accent,Wich was warm and comforting like a blanket yet sweet and smooth like velvet.
"You to" I said gaining my usually bubbly funny confidence back.
"Let's walk for a while,I have a few questions to ask"He hopefully suggested
I stared up at the blue-hued rain drops slowly falling to the ground looking like diamonds,it seemed everything was in slow motion.
"Let's,now ask away"I said letting a small giggle escape
"Ok so what is a beautiful girl like you doing in the rain and through the woods alone on valentines day?"
"I had uhhh..........issues with my boyfriend well,EX boyfriend now"
"Ok,"he said"Come with me you're going to spend today with me!"
I followed my favorite person through the woods we finally arrived onto a paved back road and there was a bus/van on the side,he opened the door and told me to climb in. After I was in the car he introduced me to the rest of the band,Liam,Harry,Niall,and Zayn. They were all very friendly. I texted my mom explaining what was going on,she didn't care,she was the best mom ever and I loved her.
Then I finally realized,I was going to spend valentines day with One Direction.
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