Swept Away


2. Best Day

Within an hour we were at One Directions hotel. I went in with them. When we got to their room I was amazed at how big it was. Also I was introduced to Paul and Kevin. Me Louis and the rest of the band went down to the arcade. After a while I got to warm so I unzipped my hoodie and Louis said"HEY!!!!"
"We're wearing the same shirt!!!!!!"
He took of his red hoodie to show me his super man shirt,exactly th same everything as mine. I laughed and then somehow we ended up in a corner playing 20 questions. It turned out that we have so much in common
When I finally got home it was eleven o' clock. And I was going to go onstage with one direction,because somehow they ended up hearing me sing. Since I as Dinesen I told my mom about touring with them,she said ok. I told her that I loved her then went to pack up.
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