Hanging On

Katerine Willows was falling in two ways. She was falling into an unfathomable comatose, destroyed after her fiancé’s death and on a path of self destruction. Until her therapist forcibly sends her to Paris to help her pursue her once great career as a singer. Then she falls another way. A way she never expected to fall again. She fell in love. Will she allow the equally damaged Louis Tomlinson to heal her? Or will she continue down the cold and lonely road she started out on?

Hey! My first real writing, so fingers crossed! I know some of the things in here are cruel or messed up, but I don't mean anything against the people in it! It's purely fiction! Please enjoy and leave feedback! I'll update as often as possible. Xx -Alex


4. Chapter Four

    I jolted awake, my breathing heavy. Just another dream, I thought. I sat up and stretched for a good while before getting up and standing on the balcony. The sun was out, giving way to the hundreds of tiny dots moving along the sidewalks and streets far below me.
    I walked to the bathroom, avoiding the mirror. After I had gotten back the night before, my mom had called. It would have been fine, except for the fact that my therapist was recording it, which set me completely off. I had thrown my phone against the wall, going into a fit of anger. Through it I had fallen and given myself a cut on my cheek. I knew it was self destructive but I refused to take my meds. Then I couldn't see Toby's beautiful face. His impossibly deep brown eyes that saw right through me. His black hair, cut short from the summer. His freckles I had counted and traced so many times...I felt the familiar lump in my throat and looked up. The cut wasn't as bad as I thought. I could easily cover it up. I could feel the tears build up behind my eyes. Toby...
    My phone buzzing interrupted my mourning. A text from an unknown number.
    >Hope you don't mind, Jack lent your number to me :) remember to be there at six tonight xx Harry
    Right. The party. I sighed, knowing my depressed mood wouldn't be much of a thing for a party atmosphere.
    >Sorry, not going to make it. Have fun without me though.
    I walked out to the kitchen and made myself coffee. It was a day to be who I had been for a while. I set my coffee on the side table next to my bed, closed the shades, and lay there in utter darkness. I closed my eyes, letting the mood sink in.

    I lazily opened my eyes, slowly adjusting to the darkness. I thought I heard pounding at the door. Seconds after I closed my eyes again, the pounding sounded off again. I threw the covers back and crawled out of bed to the door. I opened it to find Harry smiling at me.
    "What?" I sighed, feeling drained.
    "I sure hope you aren't going to the party like this, Katie," Harry frowned at my bed head and pijamas.
    "I told you, I'm not going anywhere tonight."
    "Yes you are, now go get ready."
    "Harry I-"
    "Do you feel sick? Dying? Pregnant?"
    "What? No, I'm just not in the mood."
    "Then let me help you get in the mood. Come on it'll be fun." I looked over to see him smiling at me. Damn, he was adorable.
    "I don't even know what to wear," I groaned.
    "Leave that to me, you go shower and get ready. You should probably cover that cut up too," he suggested. My hand involuntarily went to cover it.
    "Oh, thanks," I mumbled. I went into the bathroom and washed my contacts off. I took my time in the shower, massaging the tension out of my shoulders. I stepped out of the shower, searching for my towel. I frowned, realizing it was on the far end of the counter. I walked over and grabbed it, dabbing my face dry.
    The door opened suddenly, I looked in the mirror to see Harry, his face going red. "I'm sorry!"
    "What the FUCK are you doing walking in here without knocking!" I wrapped the towel around me quickly. 
    "I thought you were covered!"
    "Well you certainly thought wrong, didn't you!" I calmed down and looked up to see him still standing there awkwardly. "This isn't a peep show, Styles!"
    "One can dream can't he?"
    "I'm sorry what?" I glared at him. He looked up, a small twinge of guilt in his eyes. "Just please get out!"
    He shut the door behind him and I turned back around, shaking my head. After I dried my hair I moisturized and shaved. I walked out of the bathroom (toweled) to find Harry sitting on my bed, the cheekiest grin plastered on his face.
    "What?" I looked down at myself to make sure my towel wasn't falling open. I met his gaze. "How much did you see?" I was afraid to ask.
    He just chuckled slightly. "Enough. I picked this out for you. I hope your able to fit yourself into it, what with your curves and all," he winked.
    "Do I really have to tell you to get out again? Seriously!"
    "Hurry, the boys will be here in an hour to pick us up!" He yelled over his shoulder as he walked out. "And by the way." I looked up. "You have an amazing body."
I felt a blush creep up my cheeks as the bedroom door closed. No one had seen me naked since Toby. And those times weren't used for compliments.
    I observed Harry's choice of clothing for me. My  black lace panties and bra (of course), a pair of dark blue skinnies, my black t-shirt, a jacket and my calf high tan heel boots. Of course, each article specifically chosen to accent my curves. I rolled my eyes. "Ah, what the hell."
    It was almost six when I was finally ready. I let my hair fall naturally wavy, and accented my eyes with a darker, sparkly eye shadow, brushing the top with a silver to help make my eyes shine brighter, like they were always trademarked to. My cut had been easily covered up and I had swiftly brushed black polish on my nails. Looking at myself in the mirror, I caught a glimpse of the diamond engagement ring on my finger. It never left. I wore it everywhere.
    I walked out if the bedroom and to the living room where I heard voices. The boys....Louis..shit. I took a deep breath and made my entrance.
    "Harry I'm ready to go," I announced. Harry looked me up and down. "Harry," I repeated. He met my gaze.
    I realized he had also changed. Fitting pants, a blue shirt with a black blazer, his curls falling oh so perfectly to the side, his green eyes impossibly deep. What was I thinking?
    "You look amazing, Katie," he smiled.
    "You're taste in clothing isn't all that bad, I suppose," I replied, sitting on the arm next to him. The boys had taken time from their chatter to greet me. Louis stayed back, just staring.
    "Okay the party starts in an hour, so we should get moving fellas," Niall said as he jumped up. I couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm. He was adorable.
    We all walked out the door, Harry and I bringing up the rear. The others had gone ahead of us. I began to quicken my stride, wanting to catch up. My arm was grabbed and I was spun around, pressed against the wall, Harry's face dangerously close to mine.
    "I want you to stay close to me tonight, Katie," he whispered, his fingers leaving goose bump trails up and down my arms. Of course, my jacket hid this from him, thank God. 
    "Why? Think you'll get lucky tonight?" I taunted. He fixated on my lips. He leaned in, his lips brushing mine, his hand finding the back of my neck.
    "I guess we'll find out, won't we?" He smiled, pulling back. I took this to my advantage and switched positions, his back now against the wall.
    I smiled playfully, my fingers drawing circles on his chest. I felt his heart pound a little harder, his breaths quicken ever so slightly. I leaned in just as he had, only I moved in close to his ear, my hands resting on his hips, trailing my fingers up and down his sides.  "And if you try to so much as hold my hand, I'll make you wish you'd never known me," I whispered, my voice getting dark. I walked off, letting my hands brush across his abdomen in the process. I heard him catch his breath and chuckle slightly, walking up behind me.

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