Hanging On

Katerine Willows was falling in two ways. She was falling into an unfathomable comatose, destroyed after her fiancé’s death and on a path of self destruction. Until her therapist forcibly sends her to Paris to help her pursue her once great career as a singer. Then she falls another way. A way she never expected to fall again. She fell in love. Will she allow the equally damaged Louis Tomlinson to heal her? Or will she continue down the cold and lonely road she started out on?

Hey! My first real writing, so fingers crossed! I know some of the things in here are cruel or messed up, but I don't mean anything against the people in it! It's purely fiction! Please enjoy and leave feedback! I'll update as often as possible. Xx -Alex


17. **Author's Note**

I really hope you liked it! Feel free to recommend this to people, spread the word! There should be a sequel coming soon, just as soon as I find time to write it. Thank you so much for reading this. It was really interesting to write, honestly. I was coming up with new ways to twist it as I went along. This is, of course, my first actual finished book so I’m sorry it’s not terribly well written. Feel free to share it around and give me feedback. Once again, thank you so much for reading! Xx -Alex


Hello! I just uploaded the sequel, Get Me Back. If you enjoyed reading this, please go and read the sequel too! Thank you so much for the lovely feedback :) Xx -Alex

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