Coffee shop

You would never think that Harry Styles from one direction would walk into YOUR shop and tell you that he wants to take you on a date..


1. Wait.., HARRY STYLES!

*Sydney's POV*

Isa decided not to show up today, so me and Jake are the only ones to take care of the morning rush. Right now there is about 100 people in the shop and maybe 20 more outside, yeah, we've been pretty busy lately. Ever since I aired the little 30 second commercial, we have had more customers ever imaginable; this lady just ordered a package of 20 vanilla iced coffees, and she wants it by 12:00 AM, it's 11 now, how in the world am I going to be able to pull that off.!?


Finally it's almost closing time, the rush has slowed down quiet a bit, the occasional costumer would come in and order a coffee, drink it and leave, but other than that its been quite boring since Isa didn't come in today. I was actually planning on giving her a raise, but she didn't even call in sick today so obviously that isn't happening; we are closing in ten minuets, hopefully no other customers will arrive so I can close early; there's about 3 more minuets till we close and no other customers have show up so ill close early. Jake already went home without even notifying me, so mine as well; I locked the door, cleaned all if the brewers, gathered my items and ready the head out when I hear this faint call of someone saying "Hello? Is anyone hear." So I jog up to the front if the shop to tell whoever that is that we're closed, but when I get up there I see these licks of curls staring at the paintings on the walls. Those aren't just anybody's curls, those are Harry Styles'.
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