Coffee shop

You would never think that Harry Styles from one direction would walk into YOUR shop and tell you that he wants to take you on a date..


3. Cabin love

*Sydney's POV*

'I wounder when he's going to call me. I mean, its only been 3 hours; or is that to long?' I thought as I pondered on whether or not I should call him or wait. As i'm rambling on about that to my self, I hear the phone ring, I dove across my bed to the table and answered my phone. "Hello?" "Yes, is this Sydney?" "Yes it is, who is this?" I questioned, "This is Harry, you know, from the coffee shop earlier." he said with a hint of hope clear in his voice. "Oh, hey whats up?" "Nothing much, thinking about our up coming date." he said, with what I can tell, a smile on his face. "Who said that there was going to be a date?" "Nobody but can I ask you a question?" "Shoot." I stated, already knowing what his question was. "Can I take you on a date Mrs. Sydney?" "Well that depends on what the date will be." I said trying to give him a hard time, he finished off with  "I'm not telling you where it is, but ill be there in 10 minuets so be ready." and he hung up. So I guess I have to get ready.




I got dressed in less than 5 minuets, giving me 5 more minuets to do my hair. Since my hair is curly, I decided to pull my hair in a messy but cute bun with a cute head band on top to add some more color to my outfit. I wore a black lace top with some peach jeans that had rips on each leg with lace at the bottom of the jeans with some black sandals. I was giving myself one last glance in the mirror to make sure my hair was okay when I heard the door bell ring.  I walked down stairs to open the door to a very happy and handsome Harry at the door. 


*Harry's POV*

I waked up to her door and rang the door bell, hopefully she wanted to go with me on this date. She opened the door with a smile on her face, hopefully happy to see me. "Hello beautiful." i said with a wink. "Hey handsome." she replied letting me in in the process, "Are you ready to go?" "Yes, but I hope i didn't under dress." she said worrying, "No, you dressed perfect." 


*Sydney's POV*

We have been in the car for about 20 minuets now, and i rally want to know where we are going, but of course he won't tell me where we are going. But I asked again hopeful  "Where are we going?" with the cutest smile I could muster up, "Nowhere." he replied with a devilish smile as he went back to concentrating on the road again.




*Sydney's POV*

We arrived at this cabin n the middle of no where. "Harry is this cabin yours?" "Yes it is, why?" he asked, "Just wondering.".. after admiring the cabin for what felt like an hour, Harry snapped me out of my gaze and said "Come one love lets go inside." and I didn't argue because I was curious about what the inside looked like. Harry grabbed my hand and took me to the front porch, unlocked the door and took me inside. It was gorgeous, you walk into a huge lounge with a fireplace, a massive TV, and a comfy looking red couch. "This is gorgeous." I said to Harry, all he did was look at me and smile. He finally piped up and said "Make yourself at home because we are going to be here for a couple weeks." "Why are we staying here so long?, i thought this was supposed to be a date. I also didn't bring any of my things." I said as i started to pace in the ginormous lounge. "Don't worry love, we will go shopping tomorrow." he said as he went to the kitchen. As i followed him I said "That would work but I don't want you to spend all your money." "Sydney, it's not a problem don' worry. Now, are you hungry?" he said trying to get me off the subject, "Yeah a little."




When we were done eating our spaghetti he wanted to watch a movie, so we decided on watching 'Shark Tale'. Yeah it's an old movie, but so what, it's a classic. Harry put i the movie and came to sit by me, but he sat too far away, so I moved over to his side and cuddled up to him as he put his arm around me.; it was about 12 and I was getting tired so I layed my head down on Harry's chest and fell asleep, but not before I could hear Harry say "I love you." and kiss me on the forehead.

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