Everything About You

Nicole has a gruesome past and is loaded with secrets. She has finally graduated from High school and has nothing to do except sit around and take orders from her abusive father. But when she meets a certain group of boys and romance sparks, All of their lives change drastically. And maybe not always for the best.


3. Chapter Three.

I was in my room picking out what I was going to wear today. Even though it was graduation day today, I couldn't wear my favorite strapless dress because of bruises on my arms. I decided on wearing a Simple floral dress that goes to my knees and a jean jacket. I decided to curl my Dirty blonde hair and but it off to one side. It was right under my elbow in length. I put in my favorite pearl earrings and put on my gladiator sandals. When I thought that I looked presentable, I walked down the stairs to go to school.

We took a different route on the bus for some reason today. We passed this meadow and I instantly started crying. It looked exactly like the one from my nightmare.

I started to just listen to music from my iPod to get my mind off of it. Music was always my safe place. I was pulled into my own thoughts and no one else existed at that moment. But then I crashed into something. But my butt broke my fall. I looked up to see that I crashed into my one and only best friend.

"Ohmygosh! Sorry Kayleigh! I was listening to music and I wasn't Paying any attention! I'm So Sor-"

"Nicole! Chill, I'm Fine! Are YOU Okay?" She Said to me grinning. We both started laughing and I Nodded. She got up and helped me up. Yeah, we were still on the ground when that happened. Just cause we're cool like that. We both said Our bye's and went off to class. I had music first. Music is just basically when people go in their and either play an instrument or sing on their own. I love that class because it just gives me an excuse to sit in the back corner and play my guitar and sing. I love both. My dad taught me to play before my mom died and he went completely insane. I started to sing quietly to myself like I do every time I have this class. It was really soothing for me and it helped me to get rid of everything in my life for about  an hour. 

When that class ended I was walking to my locker and saw Mindy and the rest of her little clique. She has picked on me since middle school. I'm really quiet and have never stood up to her. I just hope that she doesn't come over here to mess with me. I spoke too Soon.

"Hey Nicole! I see that you did your Hair!" She said ruffling up my hair. "Just because you do it, Doesn't mean that you will be any prettier. You will still always be the little tit that never talks to anyone or speak up for herself. That is why it's so fun to mess with you. Because I know that you will never say anything back. You're too scared." She said and the pushed me onto the ground. I'm so sick and tired of all her crap. The worst thing about it, is that we used to be best friends. So she knows all about my mom.

"See, You aren't even speaking now. Just like you didn't for your mom." She Said.


"And she speaks! But you heard me! What are you gonna do about it??" I feel my blood boiling. I'm going to explode. I'm tired of it. Here I go.



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