Everything About You

Nicole has a gruesome past and is loaded with secrets. She has finally graduated from High school and has nothing to do except sit around and take orders from her abusive father. But when she meets a certain group of boys and romance sparks, All of their lives change drastically. And maybe not always for the best.


7. Chapter Seven.

Nicole's P.O.V:
I woke up in a different room. This wasn't my room. Where was I? Then I heard someone snoring. I turned around to see Niall on the floor softly sleeping. He looks so cute. So, I guess I'm at his flat? I really needed to use the bathroom so I walked out of his room to see many other doors down the hall. I saw a light to the left and I followed it. It was the kitchen. There was a boy there. He looked over at me.
"Um. Hi? Who are you?" He said to me with a very confused look on his face.
"Um. I- Im Nicole. I guess Niall brought me here with him last night. I don't remember." He told me to hold on and he went into Niall's room.
"Niall. Get up. Niall. Niall! Niall!! NIALL WAKE UP!!" He screamed at Niall.
"Ehh? Whats going on Liam? What's Wrong?" I hear Niall say. But then It gets to the point to where I can't hear them any more.

Niall's P.O.V:

Im awoken by Liam screaming at me.
"Whats wrong?!" I ask him. He turns around to shut the door. I look up at my bed to see that Nicole isn't their any more.
"Where's Nicole?" I ask Liam.
"The girl? She's in the Kitchen. Now tell me why she is here? Did you sleep with her?"
"Oh. And she is here because I went to the park last night to be able to think of more lyrics for the new song. And she was sitting their with her head in her hands and I went up to her to see if she was okay and she just started crying. And NO I did Not sleep with her!" I told Him.
"Okay? Um. What was wrong with her?"
"I Don't know. She wouldn't tell me. She just changed the subject. She asked what my name was and then fell asleep." I laughed slightly remembering last night.
"Oh. Well is she going to be staying here long?"
"I don't know. But I hope."
"Ooh. Does someone Fancy Miss nicoleeee?"
I just turned away feeling my face heat up. I threw a pillow at him and told him to get out. He listened and left. He can be so childish sometimes. He makes me laugh.

Nicole's P.O.V:

I was just sitting in a bar stool that was in the kitchen waiting for That boy to get back so that I can ask him where the bathroom was. He FINALLY came back when I was on the verge of peeing on my pants.
"Um. Excuse me. Where's the Loo?" I asked. He got up from eating his cereal. With a . . . Fork? Okay? But he showed me the door. I went in a did my Business. When I got out I decided to go back to go back to Niall's room.

Niall's P.O.V:
I got up realizing that I was still in the same clothes from last night and they were dirty. So I decided that I was just gonna change now and take a shower later. So I started to take off my shirt when I head the door open. I turned around and saw Nicole standing there. She was looking straight at my abs and was frozen.
"Um. Nicole? You Okay?" I asked her. She blinked and came back to life.
"Um. I- Im sorry. I should of knocked." She said and started to turn around to leave.
"No. Nicole wait." She turned around and her face Was Crimson red. I laughed. "I could care less if you see my stomach. Just tell me what you needed." She was smiling and sone if the normal color came back to her face. But it still had a lit of pink and red on it.
"You Don't have to be nervous around me Nicoleeeeeeeee." I said turning around to put on a shirt.
"Um. I was seeing if you had any Clothes that I could barrow? Maybe? Its okay if you dont. Nevermind its ok-" I stopped her from saying any more by handing her a pair of gray sweatpants and A red t-Shirt. She smiled and said thanks. Then she turned around and went into the Bathroom to change. I went into the kitchen to get breakfast. I Pulled out the apple jacks and poured a bowl. Louis was already down there eating. Then Nicole came down. She looked amazing. Especially in my clothes.
"So. Louis. This is Nicole. Nicole. This is Louis." I said and Louis ran up to her and gave her a bone crushing hug. She was just laughing. Laughing hard.
"Louis. Down. Now"
"Yes Mum" he said to me making Nicole laugh.
"So how does the beach sound?" Nicole smiled but it quickly faded.
"Whats wrong love?" I asked her and she said that she didn't have a bathing suit. When she said that, Louis' Face lit up.
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