Everything About You

Nicole has a gruesome past and is loaded with secrets. She has finally graduated from High school and has nothing to do except sit around and take orders from her abusive father. But when she meets a certain group of boys and romance sparks, All of their lives change drastically. And maybe not always for the best.


1. Chapter One.

Nicole's P.O.V 


I was in a meadow. Everything was absolutely beautiful. It was so peaceful. I look down at myself and see that I'm wearing an all white dress. It was long and flowing. Then I hear a scream. But when I look around again, there is nothing around me except for white walls. The person kept screaming. It was getting louder and louder so they were getting closer. I close my eyes and put my hands over my ears to try and block it out. It was just getting Louder. Then it just stopped. All the screaming stopped. I look up again to See that I'm outside standing in the middle of a street with trees on both sides of me. I look forward and see a woman. She starts screaming again and walking slowly towards me. As she was walking closer, I could see that it was my mom. I started getting really scared and freaked out so I ran away into the woods. I was staring at her to  see what she was going to do next, but now she was looking behind her. In terror. She started wailing again. 

"SHUT UP WOMAN!" The Man screamed at her.

He had a Knife. A huge Knife.

"SHUT UP OR I'LL CUT YOUR HEAD OFF!" He screamed again.

She Stopped Screaming but tears still were streaming down her face. He started walking closer and closer to her.

"Aw. Look at poor Christine. So pretty. Too bad I'm going to kill you." He said grinning massively. "And their isn't anyone here to save you. Goodbye Christine." And with that he cut her head off. It rolled over to where I was hiding at. Her wide eyes were looking right at me.

I woke up from that never ending Dream screaming in agony.But the thing about that dream, is that it isn't a dream. It's a Flashback. That really happened to me. I saw my mother get her head chopped off right in front of my eyes and didn't do anything about it. I'm a horrible daughter.


~Author's Note~ 

Vas Happenin' My little Potatoes ? So this is my first movella and my friend convinced me to so this so yeahhhh. Leave Comments pleaseeeee! Thanks ^.<

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