Everything About You

Nicole has a gruesome past and is loaded with secrets. She has finally graduated from High school and has nothing to do except sit around and take orders from her abusive father. But when she meets a certain group of boys and romance sparks, All of their lives change drastically. And maybe not always for the best.


4. Chapter Four.

Kayleigh's P.O.V

I finally get to homeroom with only 20 Seconds to spare.
"Homework! Pass in your Homework!" Ms. Smith says. Ughh Crap. I left it in my locker,
"Ms. Smith! Can I please go get my homework out of my locker?!" I ask her. She just nods so I get up to go to my locker when I hear Commotion coming from where my locker is. So I turn the corner to see Nicole facing Mindy and her her eyes are just boiling with anger. The next thing I know, I See Nicole's Hard smash into Mindy's Cheek and Mindy is on the ground. But then Mindy gets back up and trues to hit Nicole but she blocks it and then punches Mindy again. And again. And again. And doesn't stop until the police officer is dragging her off of Mindy. When I look at Mindy again, she has a busted lip (Top and bottom) her nose is bleeding her eye looks reaaalllyyyy messed up and I could swear that se had more hair on her head to begin with. And then I look at Nicole. She doesn't even have a scratch on her. Im not surprised about that either. I mean, she has been holding all this anger towards Mindy and the other wannabees for Who knows how long. I wonder what made her finally go off the deep end?

Nicole's P.O.V
I did it. I finally did it. I FINALLY stood up for myself. Honestly, I was pretty used to her picking on me with the name calling and maybe pushing me around. But I've always listening closely on what she had to say. Just because, most of the stuff that she said was true. But that was the first time she said anything about my mom. And what she said this time was not true. I couldn't of saved her. My mom would of wanted it to be her instead of me. . . Right?

A/N: Sorry for Not updating! My iPod wasnt working and I got locked out of my computer (/.\) But imma update a lot today if I can. Thanks and keep liking and Fovoriting! Thanksssss!
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