The Awakened

This is a little something I´m working on, hope you like it please comment


2. I’m not a dream taker, I’m a dream realizer

Paul was running through the woods, in a deep cold winter night, he was half naked, he saw his feet in its pale skin colour and then he saw them turning blue and then purple like if they were dying, and then he felt his heart turning blue but he couldn’t see it, all he could see were people with torches chasing him, at least they were dressed, he saw them with their coats and their boots and he was jealous for the first time in his life he had nothing but his thoughts and they weren’t good. Now those people were only steps away, and he could see them more clearly, he could recognize almost all of them, they were people he knew, his parents, his brother, his sister, his ex-girlfriends, neighbours, workers, boss, even his nanny was there, they were all chasing him but… he couldn’t recognize the young woman leading them, he was certain he had seen this girl before but he wasn’t sure where or when he wasn’t even sure they had ever met in person. All his thoughts about the girl where erased within a second, and he realized he wasn’t running anymore, he couldn’t feel any part his body, he was in the ground touching the cold snow, then he saw her more clearly, she was young, blue eyes, dark black hair and red lips but without makeup, she was beautiful, and as he admired her beauty, she took a knife, and killed herself in front of him, then all the people he knew tried to kill him for killing her, and his mother took the knife the girl had and then she killed her own son.

     Paul woke up with sweat on his forehead, wishing for it all to be just a dream, but he couldn’t erase those images from his mind especially the onethat involved the girl, he couldnt erase her deep blue eyes with that fierce look in them. His thoughts were erased in a blink, there was someone knoking on his door, his mother. 

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