The Awakened

This is a little something I´m working on, hope you like it please comment


1. The Dream Lord


Everyone dreams, some people dream big dreams like going to the moon, becoming famous actors or musicians and even winning a Nobel Prize, others dream small, but those dreams should never be considered small or indifferent, those dreams are the bases of the big dreams. But there are people, who dream making others dreams true, that is the story of Paul, it all started in a dreamers land; New York city in a year that seemed most likely to be the end of the whole human world or … at least that was what the prophesies were saying.  That was a year in which people most wanted their dreams to come true, and that was the same year in which the most horrible and terrifying Lord was awakened from his deep dream.

Some people think that having the Dream Lord job is the most amazing job of them all, but it isn’t, in fact, his job is one of the most boring jobs in the whole universe, he has never stepped out of his dream castle, he never had fun and he was always sleeping trying to make dreams for people he doesn’t even know.

As the Dream Lord can never go out of his castle, he was forced to have a part of his brain in which he could see the whole universe whenever he wanted, this helps him to see every action and every desire a person has, and then he can design a dream so the person can fulfil. Whenever people fulfil their dreams the Dream Lord makes a tiny little smile… or at least he tries to make one. But what most people don’t know is that the Dream Lord has not shown a smile for at least 10 years. And it has been more common day after day for people to have really small dreams and not doing anything to fulfil those dreams.

The Dream Lord is not happy, he needs to know what is going on down on earth, but as he cannot leave the castle, he needs to find someone who can help him, he needs to rearrange someone’s dream but who will it be… 

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