Pinky Promise.

Savannah and her best friends Linnea, Ava, and Cassie have been friends since forever! When they graduate and move to London like they've always wanted they meet some special people. they can either change there life the better or for the bad. lets just hope that this summer is the best yet!


4. waking up

beeep. "savannahhh?" i hear Ava say. beeep. "please wake up love." i have no ideas whos voice that is. "Savannah please wake upppp." that was Linnea. "Savannah if you can at least hear us move your hand please." some one wimpers. i try with all my strength to move my hand up but it won't budge. after trying to move for about 15 minutes i  finally get my finger to move up and down. But i can't get my eyes to open.

"She moved her finger!" some one yells in an Irish accent. "hey the doctor is coming in soon!" says Cassie. shes  been crying i can tell by the way her voice moved up and down.

"Hello" says someone im guessing is the doctor. "i looked at the x-rays and theres no internal damage but she is in a coma. she should wake up soon though. "ok-kay how soon do you think it will be?" asks cassie. "maybe some time today, it just depends on how log it takes her to react to the medicine." says the doctor. i hear a door close and i guess its just the doctor leaving.

Linnea's Pov:


"shes so beautiful." i hear the irish boy say. the people who hit Savannah think that we're ( me cassie and ava. ) sleeping.

" i cant believe that you hit her." a deep husky voice says. "i told you that i didnt mean to! i tryed hitting the brake!" the irish boy yells. "well at least she'll be okay." a voice says. "do.... do you think that she willl forgive me?" says the irish boy. he sounds like he actually cares about her. -i need to learn there names- i think myself. "well from what her friends say she sounds really sweet and confident so probably. im sure she'll understand."says the husky voice. "thanks zayn..'' says the irish boy. mental note to self husky=zayn. "anytime niall thats what i do best." zayn laughs. niall. zayn. oh my gosh they're one direction.

~7 hours later~

"SHES OPENING HER EYES!" Niall yells. "What?" i yell jumping to my feet.


Savannahs pov:

its funny how life can change in an instant. i always wondered how or when i would die. and i was worried that he time was now, but i believe that i still have life in me and i can make it. my mom always said remember who you are. thats all you need to get you threw life. it doesnt matter what others think about you because theres always going to be haters. so live life to the fullest. 

i've been listening to the boys talk and i can't help but mentally blush. i hate not being able to see. i try opening my eyes with all my might."uhhuh" i mumble. im so frustrated i cant hear any body else any more. at last i open my eyes. my vision is blurry so i rub them. a little less blurry so i rub them again. i look at everyone. Linnea. Ava. Cassie. and 2 boys. one has blonde hair and he other black. "um hello." i say. "hello im niall and this is Zayn." the blonde one says.

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