Pinky Promise.

Savannah and her best friends Linnea, Ava, and Cassie have been friends since forever! When they graduate and move to London like they've always wanted they meet some special people. they can either change there life the better or for the bad. lets just hope that this summer is the best yet!


12. Truth or dare part 2

Savannahs pov:

 "Truth or dare?" Cassie asks Zayn

 'Truth.' Zayn repls

"smart move." i begin to tell Zayn. "she does... horrible.. things!" i say in a witchy kind of way. "one christmas we played this and she made me right a snowmobile..... naked.!" i explain.

"you loved it!" Cassie shouts at me.

"yeah because as soon as i was done police came because the neighbors filed a noise complaint!"  i laugh


20 minutes later

"Savannah truth or dare?" Liam asks.

"ummm.. Dare?" i say

"hahah yes!" he says excitedly. " i dare you to......... make out with Niall for at least 45 seconds!" he laughs.

i look over at Niall and stare for a second. does Liam know that i like Naill or maybe he thinks Niall Likes me.

"oh what the heck why not!" i laugh while standing up and walking to niall.

I go go over to him and smash my lips on his. as soon as i do i feel, as some might say, fireworks but not just fire works probably the biggest fire work show known to man. soon my tongue on his lips asking for entrance to his mouth. man hes a good kisser! we match pace and i deepen the kiss.

"okay its been two minuets now....." cassie says.

we break apart and continue playing the game for about 10 minuets until paul says its time to go.

"hey do you girls want to come over to watch some movies tonight?" Niall says.

"id love to!" i tell them.

and soon we are off to there house. Movie time!




sorry i havent updated for a long time been really busy

of and btw i dont go back and re-read so if i make mistakes im sorry im not perfect. idk if im going to finish this movells i dont think any one really likes it anyway. so tell me what you think.

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