Pinky Promise.

Savannah and her best friends Linnea, Ava, and Cassie have been friends since forever! When they graduate and move to London like they've always wanted they meet some special people. they can either change there life the better or for the bad. lets just hope that this summer is the best yet!


11. Truth or dare part 1

Savannah's POV:

I can hear yelling an I know what's happening. I haven't had one since I was 9 the doctor said that they Gould stop but to keep the medicine around just in case. Good thing tht my mom taught Linnea what to do if it happened. I'm so embarressed that this happened in front of Niall. I can feel as someone lifts me up and carries me. I'm guessing I was given my medicine because I've stoped shaking. My eyes flicker open but close once again as I go into a deep sleep.

Linnea's POV:
I had given her the medicine so I knew she would be alright. From what I remember she would always end up sleeping for a while after.
"Is s-she going to be all-right?" I hear Niall whisper.
Does he like her? He seems really protective over her.
"Yeah, this use to happen all the time when we were kids." I say. " um she normally sleeps for a while after having and "episode" we're lucky she didn't have a full one, but um if you don't mind can we take her to the back and have her lay down on a couch or something soft?" I ask
"Oh yeah, uh anything for her.. " he says.

Nialls POV:
Linnea asks if she can have some where to lay and I say yes. I walk over to Savannah and pick her up. Wow she light! Not that I thought she was heavy, I just thought she's weigh more than this. As I take her to the back and I see the way Liam is looking at me. With confused yet concered eyes.
"She'll be fine." I tell him
He nod and I finish walking her to couch.

40 minutes later.

Every ones just siting on the couch all awkward and bored.
"Sooooo?" I begin " anyone want to play a game?" I ask?
Everyone looks up but none of them meet my eyes. What are they looking at?
"I doooo!" Some one yells.
I turn my head to see Savannah's face right next to mine.
"Ahh! Holy flipping crap!" I scream!
She falls to the floor laughing.
"You better watch out I'm gonna get you!" I warn/tease.
"Well?" She says. "Are we gonna play or not?"
Every one gets in a circle as we begin to play. Truth or dare.
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