Pinky Promise.

Savannah and her best friends Linnea, Ava, and Cassie have been friends since forever! When they graduate and move to London like they've always wanted they meet some special people. they can either change there life the better or for the bad. lets just hope that this summer is the best yet!


10. not what i expected.

one moment can change your life. one single little tiny thing can change the direction that your going in. maybe its by meeting some one, or making a mistake, or maybe it can be something that you have control over. whatever it may be........ it might be the biggest impact in your life. and that's my biggest fear. having the moment when i finally think that every things right. when i finally feel that i can be happy. but i'm worried that it might be something happened many, many times as a child and i know that i don't want to re-live those moments.

the concert ended but since we were meeting one direction we kinda just sat there not knowing what to to. the arena slowly became less and less crowded and soon almost all were gone. we've been waiting here for 30-45 minutes and i began to think that we weren't going to meet them. since we didn't rely have anything to do i sat down to think. after i'd been sitting for a while i felt a strange tingly filling in my lower part of my neck well that's odd i think to myslef. it's probably just cause i've been leaning over.

"hey Cassie? do you have advil?" i ask.

"i do but it's in the car. sorry." she replys.

"it's okay." i whisper

new text: ~ hey, sorry i havent texted you yet im about to come find you. okay? -niall xoxo~

i reply ~ okay, um we're on the flor just so you know.~

"hey guys there on they're way to come get u-..." i start to say while getting up. "woah.." i'm really dizzy and i can't seem to find my balance so i grab on to Ava.

Linneas pov;

we've been waiting here for what feels like forever. i'm about to tell the girls that we should just leave because i don't think that they're going to come and svannah's acting strange, but then savannah says. "hey guys they're on there way to come h=get u-..... woah." he face is very pale and she lookes dizzy.


"mommy i feel dizzy. savannh said while trying to stand up.

"oh no not again! Linnea hurry and.." her mom says while running over to Savannh.

i look over at Savannah and she falls to the ground shaking and her eyes roll to the back of her head.

"HURRY AND CALL 911!" her mom yells. i run as fast as i cann and dial 911 . i look over at her i didn't understand what was happening. i i started to cry.

"tell them that your 7 year old friend was having a seizure! and to hurry QUICK!"

_end of Flash back_

my eyes widen and i start screaming. i hear some on asking whats wrong but it's not one of the girls. i look and see niall. just then i look back at Svannah and see her eyes roll to the back of her head and she starts shaking.

"AVA GET HER DOWN TO HER SIDE NOW ! i yell. good thing i know what to do after her many seizures.

"Someone grab her purse and find her medicine! and hurry shes having a seizure!"


I sit down next to Savannh and hold down her shaking body to the ground. some one hands me the medicine and niall hands me the water. i shove the medicine in her mouth and put a a little bit of water to help it go down. lets hope this works.

Nialls pov;

i get down to the florr to get the girls when  hear some one yelling at everyone. i run to see whats happening and i see Savannah on the ground shaking with her eyes rolled to the back of her head. what in the world. i don'y know what to do and i sit there in shock.

"NIALL GET ME WATER QUICK!" i hear some one yell and i turn around and jump on the stage adn run to the back to get water.


"SAVANNAHS HAVING A SEIZURE AND I NEED TO GET WATER!" i yell. i sprint back and hand her friend Linnea the water.  i can hear Liam yelling and more feet running after me.

i hope shes going to be okay. i sit down putting my head in my knees and wait for savannah to stop shaking. well this is not what i expected it to be like.


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