Pinky Promise.

Savannah and her best friends Linnea, Ava, and Cassie have been friends since forever! When they graduate and move to London like they've always wanted they meet some special people. they can either change there life the better or for the bad. lets just hope that this summer is the best yet!


2. new home

Linnea's Pov:

"Are we almost there?'' whines Cassie. "Yes, 10 minutes but please shut up i have a head ache!" i say. "Rawr, someones grumpy " laughs Ava. "Yuck! who farted!?!!" yells savannah. "not me" say every one.

~15 minutes later~

Savannahs Pov:

"We're Here!!" i yell. "Next time I'm driving!" says Cassie " i cant believe you got lost." "not my fault." i laughs. we all walk up to the flat and stand by  the door for a minute. "I cant believe that its finally happening." i say. I walk in and I'm speechless. " oh. my. lanta." says Ava. we all just stand there like idiots mesmerized. "um so how do we choose the rooms?" says Ava. "Race?" i ask. we all nod in a agreement. "ready. set. GO!" yells Linnea.n we all run as fast as we can. Cassie dives into the first room. Ava into the second. and Linnea in the third. Huh the rooms are gone. i think to my self. i keep walking down the hall and find a room around the corner. guess i get the only room left. "wow." i say out loud when i walk into the room. i cant believe this is my room. it has a big king size bed in the middle of the left side wall and a dresser with a tv in front of it on the left wall. Theres a seat in front of the window and a small balcony. the bathroom is on the right wall to the right of the bed, i walk into it and notice that the closet is in there. my bathroom is huge.  it has a big bath with jets and a glass shower.i go into my closet and its huge just like the rest of the room. I'm startedi to get tired so i start unpacking. I finally finish unpacking which only took like 2 hours. i go into the kitchen and notice that someone went food shopping. i grab a banana, unpill it and take a bite. "Thank you who ever went shopping." i yell. "Welcome" yells Ava "I'm going to bed goodnight!" i yell to everyone. "Night" everyone yells. "oh can we go shopping tomorrow?" "yes!"

I make it to my room and get into my pajamas. i get in bed and turn off the lights and diside check twitter and instagram. twitter: dont likw you. nobody cares. you dont need to post all your problems. i think to my self. @niallofficial: finally back in London! love you guys! its good to be back! now all i need is to find my princess, ;

i lock my phone and enter the world oh dreams.

A/N: ill update as soon as i can. im really busy with school and cheer. if you have any ideas< feedback< or maybe want to be put in the movella you call kik or emailme. Kik:brenna_wiser Email: thanks my little cupcakes;) p.S. sorry for any spelling mistakes


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