Kendra Johns. A 11 year old girl. Bought. Used. Sold. Bought. Used. Sold. Over and over again. Sometimes it's, stolen. Used. Sold. Or. Stolen. Used. Thrown away. No matter how she gets there or how shes put back shes always, used. T'ill once she's. Bought. Used. Thrown away. Then, cared for..?


2. 1

-Kendra POV-

"100 dollars!" The auctionest yelled. "150!" A voice that came from a man looking around 20 yelled. "Can I get 200?"





The prices were getting high. Around 20 minutes later a man looking 30 yelled,

"3,000 dollars!"

"3,000 going once! Twice! Sold to 3,000!" The 30 year old man walked up to the stage and handed the auctionest money. I was pushed roughly into the 30 year old man and he walked me out of the building. "Your mine for a week" He whisperd in my ear causing me to flinch. "Im Rich. And you are?" He asked throwing me into the back of his black van. "K-Kendra" I stutterd as we drove away. "Well, Kendra, you can shut the fuck up" He said. I nodded and starred at the van door.

We arrived at an factory. Rich got out of the car and opened the van and he threw me over his shoulder. We got in the factory and he dropped me on the ground. "You do whatever I say, do you understand me?" He asked. I nodded. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into a room. He threw me agaisnt the wall and undid his pants. He took off his boxers and stood infront of me. "Suck it" He said. A tear fell down my cheek and I shook my head now. He slapped me across the face causing my moth to open. He shoved his 'thing' into my mouth. He grabbed my head in his hands. He moved my head back and forward. He moaned. And tears fell from my eyes and he countied. Soon, liguid filled my mouth. "Swallow" He commaned. I struggled to swallow.

He smiled and put his pants on. He threw me on the bed. He ripped my shirt and bra off. He sucked on my nipples. He then took all of my clothes off. He took his pants off and shoved his 'thing' inside of me. I cried silently. He thrusted in and out fastly. It hurt badly. He then licked my clits. He shoved his tounge inside of me.

He threw my clothes at me and I put them on. He put his clothes on too. "Now, here are the rules. If you say no to me, that earns you a beating. If you disobey me, that gives me some fun. If you try to run, that earns you a beating and me some fun. If you dont answer me you get a beating and me some fun at the same time. Got it?" He said sternly. I nodded. "Oh, and if you dont answer me with words, my friends need some fun too, right?" He said with a smirk. I gulped. "Well, you've said no to me, you got a beating. You didnt answer me with words. And you didnt answer me" He smirked

He picked me up and threw me roughly agianst the wall. He smacked me across the face. He punched me in the stomach. He then banged my head agaisnt the wall. "Now my friends are hungry" He smirked. He picked me up and carried me out into the main part of the building. There were 3 guys. "This is Huse" Rich said pointing to the guy that had tattos all up his arm. He was wearing a leather vest and he was very very fit. "Jack" Rich said pointing to the man with black hair. "Bruss" He said pointing to the man with a buzz cut. "She disobeyed rule number 5" He said and threw me into Huse. They smirked and carried me into another room. They ripped my clothes off. And rapped me, all of them one at a time.

After they were done the handed me back to Rich. Were he beat me and rapped at the same time.


Its a week later and Rich, Huse, Jack, and Bruss are sick of me. They threw me out. I began to walk. It was dark and cold. I was only wearing black shorts and a white lace see through shirt. Who in the hell gives an 11 year old this to wear?

I walked t'ill I saw the aly. I walked in and walked over to the cardboard box  pile. I picked up the black long-sleeved shirt and black sweat pants. I trew that on and the grey sweatshirt. I keep a seat of clothes in this aly just in case I get throw out and not sold. Like Rich did.

My blonde hair was clean. Rich at least let me take a shower. I got up and walked into a little store. "Excuse me?" I asked quietly to the lady at the front desk. "Yes, honey?" She asked looking at me. "Do you know what time it is?" I asked. "11:38, shouldnt you be at home?" She asked me confusing dripping her voice. "Y-Yea, thanks, Im headin' home now" I said with a smile. She nodded, "You look hungry, take this for your trip" She said handing me a cookie. "Thanks" I said taking it from her. I waved and walked out. I went into a differnt aly. I sat down and the cookie. I pulled my knees to my chest and starred at the brick wall.


I opened my eyes and the sun was out. I got up and strecthed. I sat back down. I was bloody freezing. I rubbed my legs and my teeth chatterd. I saw a football fly by. I heard laughing and then a teenager jogged by and he bent down to pick up the ball. He glanced over at me, "Lads!" He shouted. My breath was caught in my throat. I saw 4 figuers come over to me. I guy with a small quiff came over to me and bent down. "Hello sweetie, Im Liam. Who are you?" He asked kindly. "Ken-Kendra" I stutterd. "Why are you here, Kendra?" He asked, for the first time in a very very long time, I heard, worry. "I-uh.." I started. He looked at me pleadingly with big brown eyes, "Are-are you going to hurt me?" I asked worried about myself. This week with Rich was the roughest I have ever had.

"Of course not! We want to help you!" He said.

"I-I dont ha-have anywhere else-else to g-o" I sighed

"Kendra, it freezing out here, come on" He said standing up and holding out his hand. I hesintly took it. He took of his jacket and placed it over my shoulder. We got into a car. "Kendra, this is Niall" He said pointing to a blonde boy. I smiled at him. "Zayn" Liam said pointing to a guy with tan skin. "Harry" He pointed to the curly one. "Louis" He pointed to the boy with ocean blue eyes. "Hi" I said softly. "Where are your parents?" Liam asked. I gulped. "I-I dont know, I dont have any" I stated. Liam looked at me with pity. His eyes then lit up. "Pual, take us to Simon" Liam instructed. The person driving then started tod rive a differnt way.

The boys got back in the van. "Take us to 8261 Hunkermige Avene Distrect" Niall instructed. Pual then drove off the that destination. That sounded so fimaliar.

We arrived at a old looking house. This seemed so fimialer! They toke me inside. "Kendra Johns" Liam said to the front desk lady. I saw little childern running older kids talking and teenagers crying. Why did this seem so fimilar? "Im sorry, she was kidnapped 2 years ago" The lady said. My eyes widened. This is the adoption center! "We have her with us now. We would like to adopt her" Louis said. My eyes widened widder if possible. The lady looked at me in shock. "Y-Your alive!" She shouted and ran and gave me a hug. She then ran back to the desk and typed some stuff. "Who is the oldest?"

Louis raised his hand nd she handed him a paper. He skimmed over it and signed it, I guess. She said a few things and then they nodded. She waved at the Louis picked me up like a baby on his hip. "Welcome to the family, sis" Louis said. I smiled.


We got to their house. It was huge! The gided me inside. "Kendra, how did you get where you were?" Liam asked. I sat on the couch and so did the boys. "Uh, when I was 7, my parents were fighting alot, they switcthed to drugs, they then put me up for adoption. When I was 9. The adoption center was robbed. Me and 2 other girls were stolen. We were sent to a place. The auctioned us off. They would sell me to people and the people who bought me got to do whatever they wanted with me for a week, this has been going on for 2 years. Last week I was sold to a man nanemd Rich. Him and his 3 friends were the roughest I've ever dealt with. Some people sell me. Others leave me on the street. Rich left me on the street and thats how you found me" I said. I had tears racing down my cheeks.

"Thats terrible!" Zayn said and gave me a hug.

The hugged me intill I was done crying. "You sleep in Nialls room tonight" Liam said. I nodded. Niall picked me up bridal style. He carried me upstsairs and into a room. He lied me on his bed. He layed next to me.

"Goodnight, Ken" He whisperd and I dozed off.


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