Kendra Johns. A 11 year old girl. Bought. Used. Sold. Bought. Used. Sold. Over and over again. Sometimes it's, stolen. Used. Sold. Or. Stolen. Used. Thrown away. No matter how she gets there or how shes put back shes always, used. T'ill once she's. Bought. Used. Thrown away. Then, cared for..?


1. Er!

This is my new movellas! ANYWAYS, guess what my friend called me? A deep wierdo. And I was like "Ain't nobody got time for you nonsense" *Snaps fingers in a Z-Formation-booty rotation*, Then she was all like "Gurrrrrrrrl!" *Head movement* and th-. Oh, sorry! Back to the story shushi. So, uh, what basically goes on in this madness is, Kendra Johns an 11 year old who is bought, used, then sold.

Now, to y'all people that are like "This gurl be talking 'bout this sushi. That means she supports this sushi!"

Y'all be messed up in ya head. Im totally I mean TOTALLY agaisnt it. Like I find it disguisting. I find it absoutly-postively-tramendsly-disguisting. NOw let me tell ya 'bout my authers notes.

Sushi= Stuff, thing, ect.

this madness= my book

Now, im an American. I say y'all all the time. I dont just put it in there cause I fell like it. I foreal say y'all. And I say foreal. I dont say for real. I actually in real life say foreal. Alright, uh, yea thast really all #_#. That was my Very Very Long authers note! Cya later (Not really, unless your a stalker)


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