Love is Easy (McFly fanfiction)

17 year old Sam has to move in with her Dad's new fiance and her two daughters. What she doesnt know is that she'll meet four guys who will change her life forever, and fall for someone she cant have.


2. Moving In

Its been a week since my dad told me we were moving, and I had no choice but to. My mum died two years ago and nobody in our family ever spoke to each other. I tried to get my dad to let me stay at Charlotte's like in Ten Things We Shouldn't Have Done,but its hard getting my dad to let me do anything. I wasn't even allowed to drink coke until I was 14. 

My room was lonely with only the build in shelves, and mouldy old blue-tack on the walls from my posters. We only had a small house so we didn't have much to take, and we didn't need any furniture because we were moving in with dad's soon-to-be wife, Adrienne. I've met her before, she's alright, I guess. I haven't met Dani or Jade yet though. My dad has gone up to London a few times to see them but not much to give me any information.




NOTICE: Sorry its so short but it's 01:36am right now and it's my first ever story/book since I was about nine and I dont have much imaginaion anymore. 

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