Over Again

Falling part isn't what I want. I want a happy life, not a life where I'm living painful memory over again....


2. Come out, come out wherever you are...



A couple of months later after the bridge incident, Liam and I still kept in touch and hung out whenever we got the chance. We’ve become like brother and sister we tell each other absolutely everything and we’re always there for each other whenever things get tough. I have never met someone like him, he’s my world, my life. If it wasn’t for him, I would be laying 6 feet under in a shiny black coffin with sparkling sliver handles, whilst people who ‘care’ about me are mourning over me. I wish for that life everyday when I first wake up and when I go to bed at night, but then I see him and he reminds me of that night on the bridge and I realise how lucky I am to meet him. Not only did I save his life, he saved mine and I couldn’t be more thankful. I can’t remember the last time I was okay and not depressed or not having thoughts running through my mind, it was a huge step forward for me.

Today is Friday and it’s also Liam’s 18th birthday and I’m on my way over to his house to give him his birthday present. I reached his house and as I was about to open the door his mom walked, she said a quick hello and told me where Liam was and then she climbed into her black Audi A8 and drove off. Walking into the house and straight up the stairs to the 1st floor in the house, I walked over to his door and found a photo of us and a white envelope with my name on it. Taking them of the door as I opened it, I started walking up the stairs to his bedroom in the attic wondering what’s in the envelope. I reached the top of the stairs and I put them in my bag, I started to call out his name but there was no reply. I called his name again as I walked around his room looking for him, he was nowhere to be found, seeing his bathroom door open a little I walked over to it and knocked hard on it whilst calling his name. No answer. I slowly pushed the door open and once it was fully open my breath left me,


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