Another Part of Me

Alice has had big plans for Valentines Day. She and her boyfriend fight constantly and he always wins. She feels like she has been causing him stress so she decides to surprise him with a Valentines day Celebration. But it seems like he has other plans.


11. Zayn has a crush.

Liam's P.O.V.

Niall, Louis, and I crept upstairs and into Zayn's room which lights were turned off. 

There was Zayn laying on his bed with his phone on shining brightly. Louis picked it up and dropped it, His facial expression like "WOW". Niall rolled his eyes and picked up the phone repeating what Louis did. 

Can't you guys be a little serious? I hissed whispering. I grabbed the phone to see a picture of a girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes. There were hearts all over the picture and the name "Amy". 

Of course.. Zayn has a new crush.. I put the phone on his dresser, and before I could walk out of the room I was greeted by a crying Harry. 

Lad?! Are you okay? I asked grabbing his shoulders. He wiped his face with his hand, and pushed past me and into the bathroom. 


Harry's P.O.V.

I've had it.. I can't live with Alice. I know I just met her but everyone has at least a moment when they think that girl is the one.. 

I locked myself into the bathroom. I needed to hear her voice one last time before I moved on. 

I picked up my phone and called her but it went to voicemail. Call after call after call.. No luck. 

I slammed my phone onto the bathroom tiles, I need to find her! I yelled and rushed out of the bathroom and into the pouring rain. 

I ran to past the bus stop and past a huge building. Something told me to get in. I pushed into the doors and fled into the elevator. My curls were soaking wet, and I felt sick. I didn't care, I pressed the 3rd floor. Any number I would knock on every door asking for Alice Shibuya. 

The elevator was unsteady and I almost fell over. I felt like it fell all the way down, To the last floor. 

The basement... 

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