Another Part of Me

Alice has had big plans for Valentines Day. She and her boyfriend fight constantly and he always wins. She feels like she has been causing him stress so she decides to surprise him with a Valentines day Celebration. But it seems like he has other plans.


10. Where's Zayn

Mikayla's P.O.V.

After Alice was well taken care of Derek threw her onto his shoulder. She looked so miserable knocked out. It made me kind of feel bad. We got into the basement of Derek's apartment building, and I chained her up to the wall. 

Her head drooped, and Derek and I headed upstairs for some fun ;)


Harry's P.O.V.

I sat down on the couch with my face buried into a pillow. Liam grabbed it away from me, Where's Alice? Aren't we going out for Lunch? He asked. 

I'm depressed I don't want any food! I yelled grabbing another pillow. Not even Taco's? Niall asked. 

I sighed, Guys just leave me.. Alone.. 

Alright!! Wait.. Where's Zayn? Liam asked. 

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