Another Part of Me

Alice has had big plans for Valentines Day. She and her boyfriend fight constantly and he always wins. She feels like she has been causing him stress so she decides to surprise him with a Valentines day Celebration. But it seems like he has other plans.


4. Thank you

Harry's P.O.V.

Alice's sneakers squeaked as we walked up the stairs and before we reached the main door she stopped. 

You dont have to let me in.. I can just go back to the bench.. She said shyly. 

No! I want you to be here.. I admitted. 

She blushed and looked away, T-Thanks.. 

We walked in and all eyes were on Alice. Louis raced up to her and all he said was "Woah". 

I could feel Alice was nervous. She looked up at me, and I smiled. It's okay... I whispered. Louis is just really immature. 

I'm Louis! the boy said hugging her tightly. L-Louis.. She's soaking wet!! Liam informed. 

I don't care! Louis sassed. She giggled lightly as Liam approached us. 

Hello Alice, It's nice to meet you... Liam said shaking her hand. Her wet hair dripped on the floor, and she held it back. 

Alice.. I'll show you upstairs and where your going to be sleeping and such.. I said leading her upstairs. 

She smiled at me as we were walking up the stairs, Harry.. Thank you so much. 

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