Another Part of Me

Alice has had big plans for Valentines Day. She and her boyfriend fight constantly and he always wins. She feels like she has been causing him stress so she decides to surprise him with a Valentines day Celebration. But it seems like he has other plans.


9. Evil couple

Derek's P.O.V.

I finally reached the bus stop when Alice is not there. I sighed, and sat down on the bench folding my hands patiently. 

Then some girl walked up to the bench and sat down next to me. 

I took a good look at her to see it was Mikayla. 

Mikayla... I whispered. 

She looked over, DEREK!! She rushed onto me. 

What are you doing here? I asked, as I tried to pry her off my lap. 

I came for you... I don't want Alice to ruin our love.. Remember all those years of love, and good times? Don't you want to savor it.. We can build a family.. She said putting her arms over my shoulders. Her blonde hair was tempting and it flew with the breeze. Her green eyes were beautiful and her smile was to kill for. 

Your right.. Hey I got an idea babe.. I said kissing her cheek.

What is it? She asked. 

I was gonna get back with Alice.. But lets make her our slave and capture her when she gets here, huh? I asked. 

She smiled, Great. 

She swept off me and we sat there in silence. In less than 2 minutes Mikayla swept back over to me and grabbed my face. She brought her lips to mine and as we kissed she moved onto my lap. 


Alice's P.O.V.

I approached the bus stop to see a couple making out. It made me excited to see Derek. I stood by the bench to realize It was Mikayla, and Derek, Tears streamed down my face, 

DEREK! I yelled. 

Mikayla jumped off of him and tackled me to the floor punching me back and forth. 

My body couldn't handle the pain anymore, and I blacked out. 

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