Another Part of Me

Alice has had big plans for Valentines Day. She and her boyfriend fight constantly and he always wins. She feels like she has been causing him stress so she decides to surprise him with a Valentines day Celebration. But it seems like he has other plans.


5. A nice clean up

Alice's P.O.V.

Harry led me into a room with a bright orange wall and a yellow border. There was a huge beautiful bed and a dresser side table beside it. Straight across from it stood a flat screen tv, the remote lying on the bed and a computer with the desk set up in the corner. 

I looked back at Harry, and he nodded. It's all yours.. He said holding my hand making me startle. His beautiful green eyes were like emeralds and his lips were taunting her. I had to restrain myself from kissing him. 

I looked away as he leant in. 

Uh.. There's fresh clothes in the dresser and you can take a shower if you'd like.. There are towels in the bathroom and the shower is easy to operate.. He said walking away. 

I shrugged, and took out some orange shorts and a cute yellow tank top. 

I took off my soaked clothes and threw them into a paper bag. So I could do my own laundry. I hopped in taking the longest shower thinking about Derek, and all those times he said he loved me. Did he want me back? 

I erased him from my heart and mind. All I thought about now was Harry.. He was everything I wanted. 

I left the bathroom in a cute pink towel and put on the clothes I found earlier. I blew dried my hair and combed it out straight. When I was done I put in a orange-yellow flower as my accessories, 

I walked down the stairs and to be greeted by two boys. One with a quiff, and the other with plain old blonde hair. 

There mouths hung open. 

I didn't say anything.. I could barely couch out the words. 

Harry quickly appeared behind them, Zayn.. Niall.. This is my friend Alice Shibuya.. 

I nodded, and cracked a small smile. 

Oh yeah Harry.. I was meaning to ask you something.. Zayn said pulling Harry away.

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