This is my entry for the 1D valentines day competition. Hope you like it!


1. The silver lining.

"Katrina Rayes you get your butt down here right now or I will personally drag you down!" My best friend, Nicole, yells up to me. I'm still in bed, with the lights off. I turn to see the time.
"God Nicole, it's only 6:30 in the morning! What's the rush?!"
"One Direction is the rush!" She yells, her voice getting louder with every word.
"What?!!" I jump out of bed, pull on my skinny jeans and slightly rumpled Union Jack tank top, and run downstairs.
"What is this about One Direction?" I ask. She looks like she's about to explode.
"One Direction is in Wisconsin! The state we live in! This is a once in a life time chance! Now get in the car!" She yells at me, even though we are two feet away.
We run outside and jump into her dad's F150 Ford truck. She pulls out of the driveway, tires screeching. Pretty soon we are on our way to Milwaukee, with Live While We're Young blasting through the speakers.
"Look out! You're about to hit someone!" I yell at Nicole. The parking lot is so crowded, we can barely get through.
"I know! Just give me a sec!" She says as she swerves into the only open parking space in sight.
"Perfect!" I say. We giggle as with hop out of the truck an push our way through the crowd. The boys are in front of the store, fences all around them. We push out way through the crowd, not being gentle. Finally, we get to the fences, being non-stop pushed against them. Then, the boys start singing and the crowd surges forward. I get pushed against the fence so hard, I almost pass out. Then, the fence breaks, and I get thrown forward, right into Niall's arms. Security rushes forward, but Niall waves them off.
"You ok love?" He asked in his perfect Irish accent. His eyes look straight into mine.
"I think so..." I say, unable to look away. His eyes are a bright blue, that it makes the sky look dark.
"Well, how bout I take you to lunch, and we'll make sure you're ok." Niall says as he leaded me towards a limo. He opens the door for me, and as I sit down, I was to Nicole, who has a stunned look on her face. Niall closes the door and walked around to the other side and gets in. I've always been a Louis girl, but sitting next to Niall, that all changed. I pull on my seatbelt and stare at Niall; still not believing this is real.
"Well, this is it," Niall says, gesturing towards the restaurant,"I wouldn't recommend the chicken, but the fish is great!" We laugh as we walk towards into the noisy room. A waitress comes up to us, "Mr.Horan, your regular room?" She asks, batting her eye lashes. "Yes please," he says, not taking his eyes off me. She leads us to a room in the back.
"So you have your own room here?" I ask, raising my eyebrows.
"Yeah, so I don't get, like mobbed by fans or something." He says.
"Well, I guess I'm not allowed in here, cause I'm a huge fan." I laugh. Then Niall starts laughing, and pretty soon we're snorting an doubled over in laughter. We order our food, sharing the All You Can Eat Fish. The waitress brings out our food, and attempts at flirting again.
"I'm sorry, but it's not going to work," Niall says, giving her a sympathetic look. She storms off, obviously pissed. We burst out laughing. The rest off the day with spend laughing, talking, and eating. Then, Niall's phone starts beeping.
"I'm really sorry love, but I got to go to an interview. Tonight was just great." And with that, he stands up, leans over, and slides a piece of paper into my pocket. At the same time, he kisses me on the check, and walks out. I just sit there, amazed. Then I finally realized what day it was.
Today was Valentines Day.
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